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The RFID tags are configured to respond and receive signals from an RFID transceiver. This allows tags to be read from a distance, unlike other forms of authentication technology. The RFID system has gained wide acceptance in businesses, and is gradually replacing the barcode system.

Powered by its internal battery or by the reader signals, the tag sends radio waves back to the reader. Reader receives these waves and identifies the frequency to generate a unique ID. Reader then decodes data encoded in integrated circuit of tags and transmits it to the computers for use. Schematic Design and Simulation using the ADS

Because radio waves travel across country borders and may interfere with other radio waves there are many rules, frequency plans and procedures that define how to use radio frequency spectrum to avoid interferences. Because different frequencies have different properties there are some general harmonized frequency bands that define main purpose of the band and basic technical parameters of transmitters using these frequencies. The so called allocations are accepted on international levels and provide basic rules for frequency usage. Each allocation is then further refined and countries may have special agreements on how to use specific frequencies.

A feasible solution is putting the data on silicon chips and contact less transfer of data between the data carrying device and its reader. The power required to operate the data-carrying device would also be transferred from the reader by contact less technology. These all lead to the development of RFID devices.

In an RFID system, the RFID tag, which contains the tagged data of the object, generates a signal containing the respective information, which is read by the RFID reader, which then may pass this information to a processor for processing the obtained information for that particular application. Design of Low Noise Amplifier Using ADS

Radio communication used to cover a huge area or a place that needs proper distribution channels. This will provide uninterrupted radio frequency control to and from the antenna. Remote areas or during war time the need for such undisturbed communication is very important. Generally the equipment used consists of routers. These routers are capable of transmitting and receiving multiple signals to and from the antenna or small set of available antennas with the help of frequency agile interference. Using this technology allows complete communication range even during simultaneous operation of the communication system.

Radio Frequency Identification isn't new. It's been around since the 80's and is already being used in toll booths, automotive ignitions, and security access badges. Businesses that use this system will be able to track products throughout the whole manufacturing process, from the beginning of the conveyor belt to the packaging and beyond. These items can also be tracked while being shipped, received, and even sitting on the store shelves.

The second use of RFID is in transportation payments. Some governments use RFID to control traffic management and product management. The automotive industry also uses RFID for zip cards, season parking tickets, and e-toll payments. Buses and public transportation in some countries use RFID cards for their bus, rail, and subway transport. Modulation in Communication System for RF Engineers

Organizations can track and manage their assets using RFID tracking devices. Web based tracking devices enable businesses to track their assets and take decisions anywhere in the world. RFID for product tracking uses the technology from the production department right on to the sales department. RFID systems use Auto-ID Labs for inventory management.

RFID is a very efficient technology and it is easily available all over the world. It also offers a superior form of electronic article surveillance (EAS), and a highly developed self checkout process for consumers. The technology is comprehensive, advanced and automatic. A lot of data can be communicated with the help of RFID. It complements the bar code system. It is cheap, cost effective and universal. RFID radio wave frequencies can be easily regulated and standardized by the respective governments.

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