Points to Remember While Buying A Pool Table

Posted by So Cal Pool Tables on November 1st, 2019

Buying a pool table is a one-time investment. As changing billiards tables after a few years of usage isn’t possible, people look for models that last long. When you have a quality pool table, it becomes a family heirloom, like a grand piano or old wall clock, and pass on to generations without signs of wear. To have such a quality pool table, you can to be extra careful while making your buying decision. To help you out with that, here we have highlighted a few points that you consider.

Size is one of the most important factors that you must consider. You must buy a billiards table depending on how much space is available. The length of pool tables ranges from 6-9’ with different widths. While taking measures, keep in mind you have plenty of room, from all sides, for players as well. Also, when you aim with a long cue stick, you move your hand back. Therefore, there should be enough space to aim, without hindrance.

Mostly high-quality pool tables are made with slate. Though there are other playfield surfaces, think of investing in quality slate that lasts long. The standard size of slate is ¾”, however, professionals prefer playing on a slate with 1-1.25” thickness. Always remember, thickness contributes to the long life of the table.

To support high-quality slate, you need a good frame. Frames are mainly made from wood; when you have quality in mind, go for hardwood, which is the highest quality option. There are generally two crossbeams but when the slate is thicker, it is suggested to invest in quad beam construction. This maintains the playing field by preventing the warping of slate over time.

Study legs are essential when you have durability in mind. As legs have to support heavy slate and frame, they have to be made strong. Not only the player leans on the table while players, sometimes, people who are gathered around lean against it. Basically, there are two types - post leg which made of a solid piece of wood including frame and two-piece which is detachable. However, it is recommended to buy the post leg table as they are stable and durable.

The fabric of the table is generally made from a mixture of wool and nylon. While wool gives the required fuzzy texture, nylon is tear-resistant. Also, there is another option of Teflon which is stain resistant.

Keep these points in mind while buying pool tables. There are numerous websites where you can explore a 6ft or 7ft pool table on sale.

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