45% of Americans want an impeachment trial for Trump in the House of Representat

Posted by Nikita on November 1st, 2019

There are tough times ahead for US President  Donald Trump. He should face impeachment, at least as per the surveys conducted on the US Citizens. 45% of Americans believe that the House of Representatives should vote for whether Trump should be impeached or not. Similar is the case for Americans who believe in voting in the Senate. 44% of Americans believe that a trial should be done on Trump to prove him guilty in the scandal involving the Ukrainian President. These results were concluded in a survey which was done on 1,006 Americans last week by Ipsos Poll. These are indeed dismaying results for President Trump because the American public has been known to be against impeachment. 3 months before this survey in June, 61% of Americans were against the impeachment of President in a Suffolk University Poll. So, this major shift in the attitude of Americans towards impeachment is a surprise.

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In the words of Cliff Young, who is the President of the Ipsos Public Affairs, “Most importantly, an overwhelming majority of Americans say that a president is subject to laws like any citizen. Public opinion might be tolerant but there are limits.”

Since Democrats have a majority in the House of Representatives, Trump is going to lose the impeachment trial in this house. 74% of the Democrats who were surveyed in another survey are in favor of Trump’s impeachment. This is not the case with Republicans where only a minority(17%) support Trump’s impeachment. Independents are not in clear favor of impeachment, with only 37% supporting it.

Although Trump had disclosed the details of his telephonic conversation with President of Ukraine, even a large majority of Republicans(30%) believe, calling the entire conversation with the Ukrainian President a misuse of power. 80% of Republicans think that the President should be subject to the law because of this conversation just like any other citizen of Canada.

Nancy Pelosi recounts the phone conversation with Trump

According to Nancy Pelosi, who is the speaker of the House of Representatives, President Trump is unhappy with his impeachment decision. She repeated his reaction in an interview with the ABC News during a phone conversation she had with him, on September 24, after announcing the impeachment inquiry for him. 

In her words” "I saw the surprise in his voice, that he didn't understand that I thought what he did was wrong, that he was undermining our national security, that he was undermining our Constitution by his actions and he was undermining the integrity of our elections. He just didn’t see it,"

Some Republicans don’t find the evidence sufficient to impeach Trump

However, some Republicans believe that the evidence against Trump is not sufficient to impeach him. However, only a minority of Democrats(15%) think that the evidence against Trump is not enough to impeach him.

However, as far as Joe Biden is concerned, who is the Democrat's major contender in US Presidential elections next year, an inquiry is necessary against him. At least 25% of the Democrats think so. A large percentage of Republicans are in favor of the inquiry against Biden. Evidence has been found that Biden's son Hunter has done some business in Ukraine. 

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