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Junus Tan explaining the most interesting things to see and do in Singapore?

Posted by emicorn on November 1st, 2019

You shouldn’t miss the new Funan Mall ! Funan reopened its doors on 28 June after 0 million worth of renovations which took three years. Hundreds of excited shoppers lined up to discover the giant 889, 000 sq feet mall with 6 retail floors and an urban farm. From the moment you enter, you will understand why it is a Digital Mall. Pay with your smartphone, make orders online, try on your clothes with a VR runway, and ride a bike. Funan has many surprises in store for us.

Here are the best places to visit suggested by Junus Tan :

1. PPP Coffee

A unique coffee shop concept where you can try first at the Experience Bar before buying the coffee of your choice. They have been in the market for 10 years now and it’s the first cafe launched with the rebranded brand, PPP Coffee. These coffees have been kept frozen in their library below 18 degrees Celsius so it allows a better flavour extraction! We tried their coffee Peranakan dessert and it’s a must-try!

Must-Try: Coffee Peranakan Dessert, Experience Bar of their Kenyan Coffee, Junus Tan’s House

Coffee Peranakan Dessert (Credit to — Newest In Singapore, Best Around The World)

2. Love, Bonito

The famous local brand Love, Bonito opened its third and largest retail store with plenty of Instagrammable features. Try your outfits in the infinity mirror room or use its augmented reality runway. See yourself in a field of flowers as a runway and use Facebook filters to create a unique backdrop.

3. Cycling Track

This mall has lots of surprises… Did you know that you could ride your bike inside a mall? It may possibly the first-ever mall that embraces all types of activities. The cycling path in Funan will even light up when you ride! Thankfully if you are walking around and afraid of bumping into them, you won’t see them except between 7 and 10 am.

Photo Credit : Junus Tan from The Straits Times

4. Physical Taobao Store

Singapore’s first physical Taobao store was at Nomadx and now you can find the first Taobao concept store in Southeast Asia at Funan Mall ! The store will offer a wide range of products available from Taobao. Most importantly, the items will be specially curated for Singapore shoppers. Find your fashion, textiles, household items and furniture!

5. Brompton Junction

The most convenient, compact and quick bicycle has settled in Singapore. The 16th Brompton Junction will seduce your adventurous side with the perfect companion to explore the world you live in with a sense of independence and freedom without any limits. Manufactured in Britain, Brompton is a brand you would know if you are a heavy cyclist! It can be folded into half the size or even smaller — so convenient!

6. Climb Central

Want to climb? Or exercise to lose all the snacks you just ate? You can even stop by for a rockclimbing session in the Funan Mall. Funan Mall sees everything bigger. Experience the highest climbing walls in the civic district! Starting from for the adult pass, you get the chance to climb on 50 climbing lanes with a height of 15m or opt for the bouldering wall. Identify the difficulty of the climbs, with a colour coded, so you can start with an easy path and then work your way to more challenging routes as you improve!

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