blast zone release the mega series line of inflatables

Posted by sere on November 1st, 2019

The explosion zone, a leading manufacturer of household inflatable products, has released a range of new inflatable products for our review today. The explosion area calls it a new line for giant inflatable pipes. The theory behind giant lines is to adopt proven designs and concepts to make them bigger and better with greater capacity and more functionality. At first glance, they hit a home run. The first two inflatable devices released by Mega line are the Shark Park Mega Play Park and the Mega Croc 13 in one inflatable water Park. Both units are based on a successful residential water slide that has been in the blast zone for more than three years. The Super version of this original design does. The large amusement park in Shark Park evolved from a white inflatable slide. The great white shark is a double straight slide designed to allow children to slide out of the shark\'s mouth. Shark Park has adopted the concept of using slides as an aspect of the unit. This inflatable toy has everything you need. The kids climb up the shark\'s back, enter the head, slip through the slide and into a splash pool area that can accommodate four children. The pool area is about 10\' x 8 \'. On both sides of the splash pool are water jets that keep the pool area cool during the hot summer months. Next to the slide and pool area is a bounce room with a bounce area of about 7\'x 6 \'. The bounce house can be accessed through the velcro opening of the safety net or through the tunnel under the shark slide. Safe access is allowed at any entrance. The bounce house can also be twice the area of the ball pit. This inflatable thing for everyone. Giant crocodile 13 in 1 inflatable water park evolved from Crocodile Island, one of the most popular water slides. Crocodile Island is like a crocodile, a slide slides down from the head, a slide slides down from the slide, there is a pool area in front for the children to play. It is understatement to call giant crocodiles \"giant. This is the Taj Mahal in residential water park. Like Crocodile Island, the giant crocodile is based on a crocodile that children can slide down from the head and tail of the crocodile. However, the giant crocodile adds a third slide down the leg of the crocodile. Both the head and tail slides go into the splash pool for long periods of sliding. The children climbed up the crocodile\'s ass. Once on the back of the crocodile, the children can choose which of the three slides they want to come down. Under the head slip and tail slip is the tunnel into two separate splash pools. There are three swimming pool areas in this unit. If you\'re looking for the ultimate water park, don\'t look again. In the competition of quality and design, the existing inflatable pipeline is in the leading position. While it is clear that the explosion zone has improved the overall design through a series of large inflatable devices with all functions, they have also added additional commercial materials to make these devices more durable. At the time of publication of this publication, the explosion zone has not yet determined the warranty period for large inflatable toys, but it is likely to be longer than the industry they currently offer up to 90 days. All in all, I was impressed with the last batch of inflatable products from the explosion area, and I was eager to see the giant inflatable products of the future.

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