A simple design is the key!

Posted by app499 on November 2nd, 2019

In today’s time we might survive without a friend but not without our favorite mobile apps. We have to have our most used and favorite apps on the home screen of our mobile.  They make our life easy, save our time, fasten our pace and most of all add some fun to our daily routine tasks.

Mobile Application Design

But apart from the work these apps perform for us, what make us like them are their looks. Their color scheme, the way items get scroll down, the way they appear on the screen, over the appearance of the app appeals us a lot.

This overall appearance of an app is the creation of mobile app designer.

Mobile app design is a product we get when science or technology meets artistic potential of the designer. To make app designs more attractive and engaging, designers have to consider a few facts. Let us see what will help designers to create a unique and appealing mobile application design for users across the nations, culture, ages and gender.

The app must be able showcase its own identity. It is designers work to create a unique image in the mind of users by using specific colour combinations, patterns and UI. For this, mobile app designer must be aware of the kind of identity the owner of the app is trying to create.

Keep is simple:
Someone has rightly said that ‘Beauty lies in Simplicity’!
This is the mantra of any creative process. To leave a lasting impression on users, designers need to understand the human thinking pattern. We stay engaged into the things which are beautiful, pleasant and easy for us to understand or use. A simple app design will cater these human traits very well.

Think as a user:
For designer, mobile application design is his/her product which is being created to get sold in the market. To do this better, designer must know what user would like or dislike. He/she has to put his ideas of designs in such a way that it would get accepted and loved by majority of the target customers.

Remember, screen size differs:
The application has to be responsive. The designer must consider the fact that the app will be used on different mobile devices with different screen size and resolution. But even considering this difference, users must get quality treatment.

Designers across the world who are making most popular mobile apps are considering these points and many other facts while deigning their app.

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