Electric Heating: The Possibilities Of Heating With Electricity

Posted by basshopper on November 2nd, 2019

Electric heating has become a lot more economical and due to the popularity of solar panels you can generate electricity for the electric heaters yourself. Here you discover the benefits and possibilities of heating with electricity.

How to heat with electricity?

1. Electric main heating

With a central control you can heat one or more rooms in an energy-efficient way. The temperature of central electric heating can be precisely controlled with a smart thermostat or app on your smartphone, just like with gas or heating boilers.

This type of space heater is certainly better than the traditional type of heaters and chimney. Heating solutions for a home may be fulfilled different options. Not all options are economical and economical. It is advantageous for you to check out Zen Heater Review that is support you to locate the suitable one.

2. Electric additional heating

If you need space to be heated sporadically and for a short period of time, then you should opt for a cheap electric additional heater. Ceramic heaters, electric fires or oil radiators are the best known types of additional heating.

Other electric heating devices, such as accumulators, can also be used locally and are preferred if you want to heat the room often and for a longer period of time.

Electric heating devices

Here you will find an overview of suitable devices for electric driving and their characteristics.


In accumulators there are refractory bricks that are heated up at night at night rate. During the day, the stones gradually release their accumulated heat. This way you can save up to 35% on your energy costs. If the accumulated heat is exhausted, the switch is made to the more expensive daily rate.

Accumulators are mainly used as main electric heating. It is important that the accumulators are correctly calculated by a specialized installer to heat as cheaply and cost-effectively as possible.

Accumulation heating is slightly more expensive to purchase, but more than makes up for it thanks to economical consumption. In terms of design and temperature control, the newest generation of accumulators should no longer be inferior to other heating methods. If you combine them with the installation of solar panels, you can heat the house almost free of charge.

Electric radiators

Electric radiators can be used both as main heating and as additional heating. If you want to use them frequently and intensively, then you should opt for a more expensive, energy-efficient model with central control. If you use them sporadically, you can opt for a cheap electric radiator:

Electric radiators as main heating

Central heating on electricity can be controlled with a thermostat just like traditional systems. You can also operate this with your smartphone or tablet.

If you want to use the radiators on a daily basis, then you should opt for an energy-efficient model with accumulation technology. This new generation of radiators are more compact than accumulators and also work more efficiently.

Electric radiator as additional heating

A decentralized electric radiator is connected directly to the electricity grid. This usually has its own control system and timer.

There are various versions available, each with its own advantages and design. The best-known models are the electric bathroom radiator, the mobile radiator and the compact radiator with wall mounting.

Electric floor heating

Electric floor heating can be installed in 3 different ways: with a mat system, with electric cables in a loop pattern or a foil with integrated heating strips. This type of heating is primarily recommended for rooms that do not need constant heating, such as the bathroom. The consumption costs will quickly rise too high if you use the electric heating as main heating.

To keep the energy consumption of electrical floor heating as low as possible, it is possible to charge the resistors overnight. These retain heat and release it gradually during the day.

Infrared heating

With infrared heating, not the air is heated, but the surrounding mass is heated. Infrared heating is available in the form of heaters, heating panels or underfloor heating. It is a very fast heating method and is often used in the bathroom through radiators or infrared panels. The latter have been particularly popular in recent years due to their sleek design. A heating panel is usually a lot more aesthetic than accumulators or radiators.

Just like electric underfloor heating, infrared heating is a doubtful case when used as main heating: the consumption will then be reasonably high. You can compare and buy the different versions of infrared heating and their prices via the webshop.

Electric heater

Electric heaters are placed as additional heat. Heating is often done by means of a ceramic heating element. With electric heaters you can quickly heat up a room if it is not too big.

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