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Building and infrastructure construction has been the backbone of development since times immemorial. Growth and progress of cities can be measured in terms of infrastructure enhancement and every construction accounts to the overall betterment of facilities a destination provides.

From centuries, mankind has invested best efforts of time and money in deriving solutions that make progress possible and more tangible. The same is case with construction method technology. The inception of new materials, evolution of machinery and derivation of innovative methodologies results in faster, better and more scalable methods of construction that have made infrastructure development seamless.

The old versus the new!

As opposed to the misconceptions that many might have, prefabrication technology is the most common and accessible alternative to traditional construction. A custom prefab construction serves better advantages over conventional methods and results in structures that are assured to give high durability, longevity, flexibility and aesthetic elegance.

While the methods of traditional construction have remained unaltered from decades, there are consistent advances in prefabrication technology that make it a viable option and preferred method of building construction.

Through the prime factors involved, let us try to differentiate the two construction methods and identify the better options in conditions that arise - 

  • Construction costs

Cost effectiveness is the most significant factor that differentiates prefab technology from conventional construction. In general, the design, manufacture and installation of prefabricated buildings involve better cost-effectiveness. As the entire building structure can be drafted and finalized well ahead of time, over-engineering and delays can be prevented thus favouring prefab technology over conventional construction.

Prefabricated buildings

  • The pace of construction

Like with cost, prefab technology cuts on time as well! As the components are measured and cut, the assembly of the structure and setting up installation is a swift process. As the construction process is limited to just assembling the individual components and being dry, great time saving benefits can be achieved.

  • Quality standards of construction

Quality in construction is proportional to safety and thus a matter never to be compromised with.  So in matters of quality and safety, how does prefabrication technology compare to conventional methods of construction?

Well, it is true that the traditional methods have been around since centuries and are reliable to the best extent. But the technical excellence and innovative use of materials makes prefabricated structure buildings and enclosures be at par or even better than conventionally constructed buildings

Prefabricated Structures

As the individual components of a prefabricated structure are manufactured at state of the art facilities under intense quality control, a greater assurance of safety and reliability can be achieved.

  • Sustainability and energy efficiency

With the least environmental impact and involving a dry off-site fabrication process, prefabrication tends to be a more sustainable construction method. Also as traditional methods result in high material wastage, a greater impact on the environment can be threatened.

In terms of energy efficiency, factory build prefab villas, buildings, enclosures, etc are precise in construction and thus ensure complete leak proof joints which makes them highly energy efficient.

Still thinking what to do?

Apart from the above stated benefits, prefab tech is the future of construction and with introduction of innovative technologies and better materials, the same is destined to result in greater advantages for sure.

EPACK offers complete prefabrication product solutions that make the use of this tech highly feasible for any specific construction requisite. Say yes to prefabrication and get to reap the countless benefits for years to come! 

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