The Importance Of The Moon And The Pisces Horoscope Sign

Posted by Andy on November 2nd, 2019

The Importance Of The Moon And The Pisces Horoscope Sign

Have you noticed just how complex Pisces people are? They are almost always serious and most of them have deep personalities.

There’s a reason for all that complication, actually.

Pisces is a water sign, meaning that people born with the sign are ruled by their emotions. Like tides in the ocean, they experience emotions in waves – with lots of ups and downs.

But did you know that the moon traveling through the Pisces sign right at the moment a person was born could make a difference?

The moon has a pretty strong hold on water. This means that the Pisces moon sign brings other characteristics that may be present in the Pisces sun sign.

Pisceans may not be aware of them because their moon self is not often revealed. They are reflections of their innermost, hidden selves.

Here are 5 of Pisces secret personality traits.

They are emphatic.

Pisceans are emotional but that’s not all there is to them. They are actually gifted with empathy, which is the ability to share another’s feelings or situation.

These people may not know it but they can literally put themselves in another’s shoes quite accurately.

They are psychic.

There is something about Pisces moons that is very intriguing…

They have the power to see, hear and feel what’s hidden. They are the best when it comes to reading between the lines. Their intuition and instincts are their superpowers.

They are escapists.

Born with a great sense of imagination, Pisceans are daydreamers. They are full of ideas and their minds are always churning.

They love to fantasize and often picture idealistic scenarios. They make their mind their playground and often use it to escape from their bitter realities.

They are creative.

With limitless imagination and a mind teeming with ideas, a Pisces moon is one of the most creative signs in the zodiac. They often excel in arts and aren’t afraid to use the bold and the novel.

They are romantic.

The Pisces moon is an old soul when it comes to romance. A Piscean’s idea of a romantic date is pretty much what you see in the movies: candle-lit dinner, a bouquet of roses, thoughtful presents and a starry night.

The Pisces sign’s innermost self is made up of layer upon layer of traits and characteristics, making their sun sign personality one of the most complex and deep ones in the zodiac.

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