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Posted by michellumb55 on November 2nd, 2019

Operating with a healthy hearth policy means more than serving oat bran cereal for breakfast and exercise. In several organizations like schools, hospitals, non-profit are embracing the risk of emergency heart failure on their grounds, keeping in mind the growing need to protect patrons, not forgetting the limiting liability.

The Risk

In the US, over 350,000 individuals fall into a sudden cardiac arrest, which comes as a result of rapid alteration in heartbeat, causing the body's most significant muscle to quiver, spasm, or stop beating. The most common cardiac arrest may occur when the heart begins to shake in the chest. A condition is well known as ventricular fibrillation. In most cases, this cardiac arrest doesn't happen in hospitals; more than 6 out of 10 patients hardly make it to the emergency room. The survival rate of the patients falls by 10 percent every minute the heart is not pumping blood. In cases like this, it only takes minutes before almost all sudden cardiac arrest patients are lost.

An Answer

Ten minutes does not seem like more time, but it is enough to save many sudden cardiac sufferers with a single device known as AED. But the machine must be available at the location of the accident.

An electric shock is enough to reset a normal heartbeat, but it must be delivered quickly, this should be at least three minutes of collapse. Based on a study, the survival rate of the patient is 75%, but without an electric stimulation, the survival rate falls between 5 to 9 percent.

AED (Automated External Defibrillator), is a technologically advanced portable lifesaving device that accesses the patient's heartbeat condition delivering an electric shock used to restart a heartbeat or correct irregular rhythm. The device itself is relatively small and can be handheld. It is one of the essential medical tools thanks to its ability to treat sudden cardiac arrest on location.

The best part about AED service is that it can be used by non-medical personnel to treat a person in cardiac arrest. Users also get guidance via audio and visual prompts; this way, users don't have to make any medical decisions.

A Widespread Need

Based on the American Heart Association, there are at least 20,000 lives every year that could be saved from sudden cardiac arrest by the installation of AED's, this adaptation of this procedure the number could increase to 50,000.

AED Sales & Service seems like a portable purchase for all sorts of success in organizations. However, there are some downsides, since some institutions may fear to implement an automated external defibrillator which would increase their liability. Well, there is a culture of sue-happy citizens, which is likely to blame for such legal anxiety, one consideration that weighs the potential corporate loss against the saved lives. Moreover, with growing public recognition of the value and availability of AED's not making AED device available may be due to a lawsuit.

There are cases where a business may be subjected to a lawsuit. For instance, if an attorney can demonstrate a reasonable expectation that AED was not provided as expected. One of the reasons why most companies were ruled as liable for not providing an AED on-site during an emergency.

Required by Law

In some states, defibrillator law-making AED's is a requirement in schools, churches, hospitals, and other civil organizations. In the past decade legislators have become more involved in this issue ,promoting laws that encourage broader availability and not regulatory restrictions .

The legislation not only increases the public availability of AED's during emergencies , but also removes liability fears with a "Good Samaritan" a provision that states any person who renders emergency assistance with an automatic external defibrillators to save a person's life during sudden cardiac arrest will be exempt from liability .


Lucky, the cost of an AED Program Management is relatively low - especially keeping in mind the service it offers and the quality solution that can be obtained under 00 from various sources. Several medical supply companies offer package pricing for different organizations, from schools to health clubs and not forgetting airports .last but not least, they come with affordable equipment and training solutions.

 Find more information relating to AED Program Management, and AED Sales & Service here.


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