What to You Can Get From AED Preventative Maintenance Agreement: A Service Check

Posted by michellumb55 on November 2nd, 2019

After acquiring an automatic defibrillator for your office, school, business or any other facility and you have a compliance management program for the same, what next

It is important to have all that and equal important is to have a working AED services system whenever you need it. Preventive maintenance is a great way to ensure that your device is in good condition at all times.

The difference between Preventive Maintenance and AED Compliance Management

It is important to differentiate the two so that you understand the purpose and importance of each. Compliance management program is important in sending regular reminders for you to check your AED’S power and battery life. It helps you to observe keenly that the device is registered, the prescription is up to date and the pads and batteries are not expired.

A preventive maintenance and service plan helps you to easily perform repairs that are necessary during routine compliance checks, it helps to minimize potential liability issues and also helps to keep costs low if there are necessary repairs needed.

Modern AED services and manual defibrillators used by medical professionals normally require little maintenance we still urge operators of these devices to leave preventive AED and manual defibrillator service and preventative maintenance to professionals. They can pick out if anything is amiss even when it cannot be easily seen. The equipment should be maintained according to individual manufacturer specifications and most states require operators to abide by this. Professional maintenance providers have the skill and knowledge to ensure that your AED meets the original manufactures’ specifications

Finding affordable service and maintenance contracts will help you to keep repair costs down or totally prevent the need for any repairs. Preventive maintenances in most cases extends the life of your equipment.

There are technicians who are certified to repair medical equipment. They analyze your equipment thoroughly and run brand specific diagnostics that ensure your machine is operating effectively. Check out Cardio Partners AED Service Checklist.

What to expect from our multi-point inspections and preventive maintenance:

  • We ensure that your AED software is upgraded and at par with current AHA guidelines
  • We use a Fluke Impulse 7000 defibrillator analyzer to simulate a shock able rhythm. Multiple shocks delivered ensure the energy output is within current FDA guidelines
  • We record device performance
  • We perform a visual inspection to check whether your AED has any cracks or other signs of wear and tear or damage and we record all findings.
  • We will clean your device in a laboratory
  • We accessorize your AED and we make it ready for use on patients by installing it with new electrodes and batteries
  • We initiate self-tests to ensure the AED is ready in case of an emergency
  • We record expiration dates for pads and battery and we notify you 60 days before the expiration of these element
  • AED tracing is submitted to the manufacturer in accordance with FDA regulations

Over 1000 people including children in the USA suffer cardiac arrest each day and buying an AED and having an AED program are important components to save lives. Maintaining the AED properly is part of ensuring that you are able to save lives in the case of an emergency.

The AED Tracking and Data Management document center has manuals for users, brochures for AED models and data sheets you can learn a lot from about AEDs.

Find more information relating to AED services, and AED Tracking and Data Management here.

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