Dentist Now Uses Weighted Blanket in Chamber to Relax Patients

Posted by Alister smith on November 2nd, 2019

Pressure on certain parts of a body from Weighted Blanket can easily relieve anxiety at dentist office. For many years now, people have enjoyed weight from heavy vest as worn from getting X-rays at dentist office. This process is commonly called multitude of subjective accounts. Now, patients can enjoy that same feeling by wearing this weighted blanket around. A media release shows that a relaxing environment significantly relieves stress at dentist office. Some doctors have studied the effects of sensory environments on children’s anxiety levels while they are in a dentist’s office.

What the release reads:

The noted release reads that for most children, a trip to the dentist or doctor is stressful experience. The sensory environment like lights, smells and sounds relating to the clinical setting can cause the anxiety level in children to rise. It is mainly true in children with developmental disabilities who might have difficulty in understanding the unfamiliar environment in a dental office.

This reaction is similar to SPD, which is one neurological disorder. The brain receives all stimuli but cannot make sense to react normally. Therefore, dentists are now introducing Best Weighted Blanket Amazon to children so that they get to feel relaxed when they visit the doctor’s chamber.

Major hugging effect of YNM Weighted Blanket Cover:

The current hugging effect of YNM Weighted Blanket Cover is one sensory calming sensation called proprioceptive input. It is mainly a pressure on joints and muscles. The proprioceptive input will send signals to brain that cause serotonin to get released, which is again the neurotransmitter in brain to make people happy.

Any increase in serotonin will cause natural melatonin to be released in brain and providing a more calming feeling to it. One comfortable way to induce this hugging effect is by using pliable and soft weighted blanket. Dentists and parents can use this weighted blanket on child to soothe anxiety from dental processes.

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