The Multiple Advantages of EDI and Sage

Posted by cogentialit on November 2nd, 2019

EDI can prove to be helpful to companies by improving the accuracy and reducing the error rates. So, when you opt for Sage EDI integration, you can very easily get rid of all the hassles that prevent quick payments.

Moreover, with sage EDI integration, you can immediately convert your purchase orders into your sales orders. Sage 100 in particular is highly innovative and complements EDI perfectly. Continue to read below to learn about the benefits of Sage EDI integration.

Higher accuracy rate

Manual entry of data often leads to mistakes which result in delay in respect to production schedule and financial losses. However, by utilizing Sage EDI, you can greatly reduce the risk of errors related to data entry.

Furthermore, EDI also ensures that diverse nodes within the network connected automatically in the proper way with each other. Due to this fact, accuracy gets improved quite greatly.

Lower costs

With EDI, the need for manual data entry is negligible which further lowers the cost associated data entry. Besides diminished data entry costs, EDI for Sage also helps in getting rid of redundancies from your business process. For example, EDI proves quite helpful in keeping a watch on the stock in the warehouse.

So, by giving access of the stock in the warehouse and of other happenings in the business, you can get a proper idea of what is happening in your organization.

Expedites the processes

EDI implementation with Sage help businesses facilitate quicker bill payment and invoicing. This simply happens as EDI cuts the excess time that go into other business processes which often leads in slowing the payment. Moreover, with EDI Sage, it gets easier to combine multiple payments and invoices and save the bank costs.

Information Security

EDI provides a standard as well as consistent standard for sharing the information with the trading partners. Also, every employee having access to the information is subjected to follow set security protocols. Besides, with EDI Sage integration, the requirement for paperwork becomes less which lessens the risk of information leakage.

With EDI, the information in the supply chain can be maintained secretly without it being distributed to anyone who does not require the information.

Final Words

Along with EDI for sage, it is also a good idea to opt for QuickBooks EDI integration for facilitating seamless transactions of business documents with trading partners.

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