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Posted by lara linda on November 3rd, 2019

You can apply for a visa from the Australian embassy or consulate closest to you. Nevertheless, you can privilege, like many people, an online application. Since the platform is entirely in English, you must have a third party mastering the language of Shakespeare. Also, Google translation is an alternative not to neglect. And if you wish, you can go through some platforms that will help you to complete all stages of the process of obtaining. You will be asked to pay for the service you received, not to mention the many risks of information leakage. This is why it is advisable to only rely on the aforementioned sites. Australia visa UK

Condition of obtaining a tourist visa

The tourist visa is a visa very easy to obtain. Nevertheless, the candidate must meet several conditions. For this purpose:

the applicant must be willing to work on Australian soil for a short stay (depending on the type of visa between 3 and 12 months);

the applicant must have a valid passport;

the applicant must not have been sentenced for offenses in any country to a term of imprisonment of 12 months or more;

the applicant must not suffer from tuberculosis;

the applicant must respect the commitment not to work once they're in Australia;

Also, for each type of visa, the candidate must check whether his country of origin is eligible.

What are the other types of visas?

Like visas, there are still more than a dozen visas issued by Australia. Thus, each year, about 20,000 French people apply for a PVT (Working Holiday Program). This visa issued to nationals of certain countries, including France, is intended only for young people between 18 and 30 years old. It allows to spend his holidays in Australia and to be able to work at the same time. Its process of obtaining is practically identical to that of tourist visas. However, it costs a little more or 440 Australian dollars. Also, one of the conditions for obtaining it is to have a minimum amount of € 3,500 in your account (French citizen).

 For people who want to work in Australia, they will have to opt for a work visa. The latter is available in independent visas and visas sponsored or by appointment. To obtain them, it is imperative to have a certain professional qualification. To this end, you increase your chances if your area of ​​expertise is a key sector where Australia lacks the hands of works.

 In the case of students, there are specific visas that allow them to study in Australia. These are valid for the duration of their course. At a cost of AUS $ 550, student visas offer the possibility to the recipients to work also in Australia if they wish it (40 h / 2 weeks). eVisitor Visa Australia

Finally, the point visa is intended for those who wish to benefit from the title of permanent residents in Australia. Still known as an independent visa, it offers many benefits, including the opportunity to benefit from the Australian social system. To apply, you must nevertheless be under 45 years old and especially pass a test composed of questions/situations where you must necessarily meet a minimum score of 60 points. Also, your professional qualifications must be in line with the MLTSSL job list. For 3670 Australian dollars, the visa is one of the most expensive visas to visit Australia.

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