What kind of pu-erh tea is best?

Posted by naturalpuerh on November 4th, 2019

The effect of pu-erh tea: It has the pharmacological effects of refreshing and clearing the heart, clearing away heat and relieving heat, eliminating phlegm, eliminating greasy weight loss, clearing heart and removing trouble, detoxifying and waking up, quenching thirst, reducing fire and eyesight, stopping phlegm and dehumidification, and also on modern diseases such as radiation. And cardiovascular and cancer and cancer, have certain pharmacological effects.

In the market, we can see that Pu-erh tea has the characteristics of loose tea and pressed tea from the appearance, while ordinary pressed tea is divided into cake tea, tuo tea, brick tea and so on. How to distinguish these teas, which kind of tea is better? Let's take a closer look below.

What kind of tea is Pu-erh loose tea, tuo tea, tea cake, tea brick?

First, Pu-erh tea form:

Loose tea:

Pu-erh tea still maintains the original leaf shape of its tea leaves. It has not been pressed by gravity and has not been pressed into a special shape, that is, loose tea. The placement of Pu-erh tea helps the tea friends to carefully observe the shape and color of the leaves, and it is convenient to touch the leaves and feel the Pu-erh tea.

Tuo cha:

Tea is a kind of pressed tea made into a conical shape. In order to facilitate the transportation of the caravan, several tea kegs wrapped in oil paper are generally connected, and straw is used as a straw for growing strips. Because a samovar is much smaller than a piece of tea brick, it is easier to buy and retail. Tea from the surface looks like a round bread, which looks like a thick-walled bowl from the bottom, and the middle is concave.

Tea cake:The cake tea is big and small, and the so-called seven-cake is usually the tea (the seven cakes are put together). The standard seven-cakes are 357 grams per cake, which is related to the pounds calculated at the time of export to the European market. Among the seven-cakes, the packaging of bamboo shoots and bamboo is the most traditional. To date, this standard tea cake still accounts for the majority.Brick tea:Tea bricks, also known as steamed tea, are commonly known as side-selling teas, which are teas that look like bricks. It is also a representative one of the pressed teas, with tea, tea stems, and sometimes with tea leaves pressed into a block of tea. All brick teas are autoclaved, but the molding method is different. Such as black brick, tile, brick, rice brick tea is machine-formed, Kang brick tea is built with a stick hammer.3. Which is better for loose tea and pressed tea?Loose tea also has its own advantages. The tea strips are intact and broken, and the quality of the raw materials can be clearly seen. Because it is not reprocessed, it retains the original fragrance and fresh sweetness. It is easy to use and is very suitable for daily drinking.After pressing the tea cake tea by steaming, it becomes into a shape of a certain shape, such as a round cake, a different size, a square tea, a brick tea, etc., and the tea body is firmer than the loose tea, although its breathability is not as good as that of loose tea. However, the small amount of tea storage occupied is small, which is conducive to large-scale storage in a small space and reduces the cost of Tibetan tea.In terms of taste, tea friends may not feel much difference, regardless of whether they are tea or loose tea. The new tea tastes fresh. If it is directly steamed at a high temperature, the tea cake will have a dull green taste, but there is a better natural post-fermentation condition. After a period of transformation, the taste will be better, especially for raw tea.The pressed tea has a certain shape and has certain ornamental qualities. When drinking, it is more fun to play and appreciate than the loose tea called “grass tea”. What's more, Pu-erh squeezing tea is mostly "square" and "circle". It subtly embodies the philosophical thinking of the traditional Chinese culture "the place of heaven and earth."There are different kinds of loose tea and cake tea. The loose tea retains the original taste of the tea, and the taste is fresh and refreshing, while the pressed tea is generally suitable for storage, and the later taste is better. Tea lovers should choose the tea that suits them according to their individual circumstances when choosing tea to drink.

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