A guide to promote your music video independently in 2020

Posted by Keith McCrow on November 4th, 2019

When it comes to independent music promotion, most musicians think it’s like climbing the Mount Everest. However, this task can simply be accomplished without making a ton of efforts. Although external help is always required for promoting music video, it’s not always necessary that you have to depend on third-party vendors to attain success. Presently, independent musicians have many ways possible to launch themselves. Only some basic information is required regarding the same. This post is to help you on how to promote your music video independently in 2020.

Know where to start from

This is the initial and in fact, the most important thing to decide. Many platforms seem to be the one from where you can begin but actually it could be a mistake if you start your efforts from over there. Make sure to take the opinion of an expert if you have no idea about anything. Finding a best music video promotion company is simply what that can change the entire game. 

Make sure your promotional campaigns are successful

All what you need to make those campaigns successful is nothing but the audience. If you fail to attract the people to be a part of your campaign or to actively involve them in the same, of course, all your efforts wouldn’t bring the accurate outcomes. It would, therefore, be wise to know how to involve the people. During those campaigns, try to give way a few of your music records free of cost to some select involvers. This could bring even better results if the reward is given by conducting a basic competition among them such as “who can sing your song”.

Go online

It is very much true that without the help of the internet, no business or attention seekers can have success. Of course, internet is the only platform where a very large number of users remain active on different platforms. So simply submit your music online. Choose the companies that can be trusted for this. A background check with those companies before you hire them or sign a contract with them would always give desired outcomes. 

Play Live

This is a leading factor that can make your music popular within a very short span of time. A prospectus artist must focus more on promotional events than anything else. Never underestimate the power of performing live in front of audience. You can simply choose a place whether the public gathering is higher through the year such as a shopping mall or a popular restaurant. They wouldn’t mind helping you in promoting your music videos.  It would also be good to consider gigs and tours. Again a best music video promotion company can help arranging all those tours.

Blog and Press coverage would also help you a lot

Well, one of the best ways to simply keep up the pace in this matter is to involve the media in your live concerts’ and have publicity. Involving the press make your music reachable to a very large audience in a short span of time. This gives equal results as you can have when you submit your music online to any popular platform for hiking the viewers of the same.

With these methods, you can simply promote your music independently and can grow the fan base without making a lot of efforts.

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