Myths in the mind of the person for free job advertising

Posted by PinPoster on November 4th, 2019

Finding the right job or the right candidate for the available job is a difficult task. The human resource department of the company posts multiple openings on different platforms to attract the candidates and on the other hand, the applicants continue the search by using various references and applying on the multiple websites. Across everything, both the parties come along with the free job advertising and hesitate themselves to apply or post on the same. They have thought that it is a crucial matter and free platform can never work for the same. It always happens that anything that has a price tag attached to it is the best. So the job applicants avoid applying on free job advertising as according to them it lacks authenticity. They think that anything free is not worth and can lead to many difficulties in the future and can also spoil the career. These are some of the myths running in the minds of the applicants and recruiters but they are not the only which affects the people. It is essential to fight against all the odds running in the mind with the help of the following pointers. 

For the Applicants

  • They should know that all free job advertising is not a waste. There are good companies who post the opening of the organization on the free websites to reduce the expenditure.
  • They think that free websites do not provide appropriate quality jobs. They majorly offer internship or part-time jobs. The applicants need to know that the site is free for the job searchers and the recruiters but is earning enough with the advertising. It has a wide variety of jobs available and they do no fake. 
  • The free job advertising websites are on a good ranking on Google due to extreme traffic of the users due to the advertisement so it works with all terms and conditions. Except some, all the sites are work according to the without any wrong intentions.
  • They think that the company will dupe them with attractive offers and they will never recover the money. It is you who has to act smart and select the safe free website. 

For the recruiters

  • They avoid posting free job advertising because they have thought that no one will take it seriously and it will be a complete waste. They should know that applicants are running for a job that cannot use the paid services or is not ready to invest. The free websites are the only option for them.
  • The contents are weak on the free websites and mostly the management is fine. They consider it to running haphazardly. They should remember that it is your content and keywords and trust that should have an impression on the applicants.

It is tough to find the right job and candidate for the perfect productivity but it does not mean that people will not believe in the free options available online. The content on the free job advertising might not be appropriate but it does not mean that it is duping the people.

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