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Modernize Your Workplace with Visitor Management App

Posted by Visitly on November 4th, 2019

A Visitor Management App computerizes the method of recording and managing the movement of visitors to a specific place – be it an office, a hotel, an event or any other such place that receives volume visitor footfalls. Compared to the manual method or any other automatized method of managing visitors, the app is way better and effective.

  • It is fast thereby reducing wait times. With Tablet sign-in facility, guests and visitors are able to fill up the required information on the app digitally supported by their electronic signatures and recording of photo IDs when they arrive or are about to leave – all instantaneously and within seconds.
  • Minimizes repetitive work thereby helping administration and operations to work seamlessly. With features like facial recognition, the visitor management app works smartly for loading details of repeat visitors. It helps provide an impressive experience to the visitor to the premises.
  • App helps fast-track safety and security related aspects pertaining to the visitors. During emergencies, app helps track onsite visitors and assists the evacuation personnel to reach out to every visitor. At places that have restricted entry or where entry is based on invitation only, such an app can help keep unwanted people out with photo ID or business card scanning features that can be cross-checked with a prepared watch list. The system also maintains precise data of visitors so that the risk of theft and other such malpractices can be minimized considerably.
  • The Visitor Management App enables instant printing of visitor badges while notifying an employee that his guests are here to meet him. An app further helps guide the guest to the exact location where the meeting is to be held.
  • For the back-office where the data needs to be scrutinized and assessed on a regular basis, the app sends notifications in the real-time as soon as visitors sign-in and sign-out. The user-friendly dashboard helps in summarizing the data relevantly and in a customized manner which further helps the management and administrators to interpret captured information in the most effective manner.

Having the Visitor management app provides a truly impressive visitor experience transforming your workplace into a smart and modern office instantly.

About the Author:

This article has been written by Nageswara Reddy who is the Chief Technology Officer of the company Visitly LLC. Visitly LLC is a Visitor Management software company that believes that as a budding business or a small shop, you should not have to pay tons of money to get enterprise-grade solutions. Therefore, they offer the most affordable pricing, so that you can modernize and optimize sign in experience with Visitly visitor management app for your visitors.

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