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Posted by Deepa Saini on November 4th, 2019

Google Webmaster Tools

It is not really hard to figure from the name itself that Google Webmaster Tools is a set of tools for webmasters. Be that as it may, what you can be sure of is that this is an extremely valuable toolset that enables you to speak with Google and alter numerous parts of how Google sees your site, such as list the external and internal links to your site, modify the crawl rate at which Googlebot files your site, check the keywords clients use to land on your site, and in addition, the clickthrough rate for every keyword, see your site's statistics, SEO Company in Amritsar.

Search Queries

You can find the “search queries” section now. It will show you the keywords that than users access your site. It will show you the listing of keywords so you can find which keyword user uses when they led to your website.

It is quality if this list matches the keywords you are optimizing for but very often this list contains good keywords you were unaware of.

In this case, start going with these keywords as well to make you is searching process stronger. With this element, you can also see the number of perception and the number of clicks, which gives you an idea about the CTR for this keyword.

HTML Improvements                    

You need to check out is your site containing the most crucial components like title tags or Meta descriptions? You have HTML improvements tab through which you may discover what information Google can pull about your website and its content to make sure it matches with what you are optimizing for.

Crawl Errors

The Crawl Errors section demonstrates the mistakes Googlebot experienced on your site. The information you get is like what you get when you utilize the Spider Simulator and it indicates out of reach pages, missing pages, server blunders, and a wide range of issues that kept Google from accurately crawling your site. You likewise get some other crawl stats, (for example, the quantity of pages crept multi day) that are valuable to know.

Export keyword by landing page

Viewing keyword record without landing page statistics is like having chocolate without more chocolate. Unfortunately, GWT doesn’t let you upload the search query data by landing page without clicking on every landing page in the statistics. Well, Noah has created a great bookmarklet that will effort to routinely “click” on every landing page to show the search queries and then download it. So now you may have double chocolate.

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