Ways To Treat Stretch Marks And Reduce Stretch Marks Effectively

Posted by basshopper on November 4th, 2019

Stretch marks
Believe that many young women may have experienced some serious problems already Especially women after childbirth Some people are so stressed that they don't dare to wear the swimsuit they used to wear.

Treatment with stretch marks may help to make the skin look faded. But will not disappear permanently. If you want the stretch marks to heal permanently, you will have to spend a lot of money on modern technology by a dermatologist. Both laser firing and carboxy can fade stretch marks. However, after doing it, it is necessary to continue applying the cream until it is a habit.

Causes of stretch marks
Stretch marks or stretch marks are easily observed. Or as the medical profession calls " Stretch marks " or " StriaeWhich is a type of wound that occurs around the skin and has a distinct color to other skin parts Which is caused by the tearing of the dermis The skin quickly expands to the area of the skin, which has stretch marks that occur in the dermis. And usually occurs in areas with a lot of fat, such as the abdomen, chest, breast, navel, upper arms, thighs, hips and calves, so most people experience this problem when children are entering adolescents. Because he was growing up Or caused by weight gain that rapidly increases or decreases until the skin does not expand on time Like in teenagers that grow fast or are too obese Or in a group of body-builders whose muscle mass grows quickly including those who quickly lose weight. And skin stretching problems in pregnant women as much as 90% because the womb grows up causing the belly and thighs to become stretched.

But some individuals are so enthusiastic about fitness training they cannot restrain themselves. When you receive a little weight you want to eradicate it as soon as possible. In this hurry you forget your skin limits and you decide to try to loose that weight. Once you do that then you get in to trouble and get the following stretch marks. Derma Roller provide you with a solution of these stretch marks. All you want to do is always to utilize dermaroller five times every week plus so they will give you some magical impacts in your own stretch marks.

The first symptom of stretch marks is that the skin will develop red or purple streaks and will gradually become milky white. Early treatment if applying the cream regularly Stretch marks may disappear immediately. Therefore, you must regularly observe your skin. This time let's do better than that. How can we treat stretch marks on the skin.

How to reduce stretch marks
take care of yourself Whether Turn to exercise regularly Because exercise not only helps to make our body look good and the skin is flexible Also helps to balance hormones in the body and helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks, eating healthy foods such as vitamin A, zinc ore, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, protein etc. and try to control the food to your liking, but if you want to see results, it is recommended to find vitamin C Ing to eat it Like 500-1,000 mg of vitamin C per day to help strengthen collagen, drink 8 glasses of water a dayTo help increase moisture and create elasticity for the skin and try to avoid tea and coffee, not showering warmly and not scratching the skin.

Apply nourishing cream regularly
Is the first method of treating stretch marks that everyone thinks of By focusing on applying a highly concentrated nourishing cream on stretch marks every day, regularly before bed and in the morning Or every time after showering To help reduce and prevent stretch marks on the skin And do not let the cracked skin area become dry!! Otherwise it may spread more widely and every time you try to apply the cream and massage the skin back up as well.

For people who have stretch marks Then try to choose a solution that is right for you to adapt to see For those who have never encountered this problem before, do not be complacent. And should turn to look after yourself well. Just that, the skin will return to be beautiful, clear, without stretch marks.

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