Cool Things to Do in Conejo Valley California

Posted by Dian Stand on November 4th, 2019

Conejo Valley is home to amazing hiking and natural scenery, movie sets, a US Presidential library, and is a short distance to the glorious Malibu beaches and Hollywood—the movie capital of the world. The Conejo Valley California region also includes Thousand Oaks and Agoura Hills

Hiking in Conejo Valley

Hiking in Conejo Valley is magnificent, including along Mulholland Highway, in Malibu Canyon, and within the Santa Monica Mountains. In Wildwood Park in Thousand Oaks, a short hike leads to an absolutely surprising and amazing waterfall. 

Paramount Ranch

Since 1927, hundreds of movies and television shows have been set on the 2,700 acres of Paramount Ranch. You might recognize the classic western town setting from your favorite movies and shows, like The Mentalist, Weeds, Westworld, and Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. A short hike along the stream and up a hill leads to an overlook over the western town.

Reagan Presidential Library

Located in Simi Valley, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library commands a majestic setting on top of a mountain. Walk through an actual Air Force One airplane and Marine One helicopter, see a section of the Berlin Wall, and learn more about Ronald Reagan—from his childhood through presidency.

Conejo Valley Road Trips

On a clear day in Conejo Valley, drive through the majestic Santa Monica Mountains and be rewarded with views to the Pacific Ocean. Mulholland Highway is perhaps the most popular road trip in Conejo Valley but take time to explore and find your own favorite. Most roads on the south side of highway 101 eventually lead to highway 1 (Pacific Coast Highway, PCH) in Malibu.

Cornell Winery

Carved out of Agoura Hills and named after the famous New York state university, Cornell California is one funky place. The village consists of a few buildings and has a classic, old time, wild west feel. Cornell Winery supports local wineries and craft artisans.

Peter Strauss Ranch

Located across the street from Cornell Winery, Peter Strauss Ranch offers hiking, picnicking, and summer concerts and other events. A funky art exhibit recently ended but we saw a few remnants during our visit.

Stella’s Gourmet Restaurant, Newbury Park

Visit Stella’s for the entertaining menu but stay for the delicious food. I mean really, come on, one menu item is the Patty Hearst, a fully loaded hamburger with a missing patty. Get it? Stella’s captured my heart—through my stomach, as the saying goes—with this King’s Hawaiian Bread French Toast.

Ladyface Ale Companie, Agoura Hills

As if I would not be impressed with a place serving local craft beer, cool food, and wonderful specials at 3pm, we walked into a filming of a Travel Channel show. So, yes, I am impressionable, but if Ladyface is good enough for the Travel Channel researchers, it works for me.

Htt Regyaency Westlake California suite

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