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Why The Aquarius Sign Is So Close With The Elements

Posted by zodiacweekly on November 4th, 2019

Why The Aquarius Sign Is So Close With The Elements

If you know someone with an Aquarius zodiac sign, you know they have the tendency to be independent.

And yet surprisingly, Aquarians are also one of the most-loved people-pleasers around.

So what is truly going on with these kinds of Aquarians?

It may not make sense but an Aquarian’s superficial personality traits don’t exactly reflect the characteristics of its inner being.

Meaning to say that if your friend or relative was born under the Aquarius moon, he or she has other secret traits you really should know.

Here are 5 secrets of the Aquarius moon you shouldn’t miss.


When the moon is in Aquarius, these water bearers have a tendency to be more eccentric.

The Aquarius zodiac sign is already naturally innovative and adaptive to change. But the Aquarius moon ups this eccentricity by a whole lot.

Expect creative solutions, out-of-the-box ideas and other uncanny thoughts from the Aquarius moon.


They are often labeled aloof and even emotionally detached. But that shouldn’t be taken offensively.

It’s not that the Aquarius moon sign dislikes company. In fact, they do very well in group settings. It’s just that people born during the Aquarius moon are more at home in solitary.

Being alone gives Aquarians the freedom to get lost in their thoughts in quest for ideas that can benefit everyone else.


An Aquarius moon doesn’t have second thoughts when it comes to helping friends and family. That’s because they have compassionate inner beings that consider the feelings and plight of others.

They can soothe and pacify those in trouble and can lend an ear to those who need someone to talk to.


Aquarians born with the moon sign may have loner personalities but that doesn’t mean they do badly in groups.

As a matter of fact, Aquarius moons are very accepting of all sorts of people. They are people persons, capable of adjusting to different types of personalities and characteristics.

Their collaborative trait stems from their compassionate nature and their ability to separate their thoughts and feelings from that of the group.


Aquarians with the moon sign have their eyes on the goal and they seldom miss the target. They are objective in almost everything they do.

They can separate their own feelings and emotions from the task at hand. This makes them great leaders and consistent achievers.

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