Tips for Getting Great Vehicle Wraps

Posted by Emma Alfie on November 5th, 2019

Making a great first impression is the secret to an effective advertisement. Vehicle wraps are a very effective way to spread your message memorably and creatively. Whether you want to promote or sell any product, marketing is the best way, and vehicle wraps can be used as a useful marketing tool.

The bright colors and attractive vehicle wraps make your business stand out from the rest of the cars on the road and street. Most of the drivers and passengers won't even give a second look to an average vehicle, but something colorful and creative will undoubtedly nab their attention.

The more vehicles you have, the better it is. You can target a large number of audiences by wrapping them in fascinating and alluring designs that promote your business. It is also a more subtle way of advertisement compared to other options out there, which doesn't hurt the companies' reputation. That is why it is essential to get the best vehicle wrap services in Riverside CA to get satisfying results.

But how can you differentiate the good from the bad? The company you hire must be a real deal and not any inferior company looking for making a quick buck! Sometimes the more expensive it is, the better option because if you choose a cheap service, they will give you cheap products. There are some tips you can follow to get the best vehicle wraps:

Size ups

Before the vehicle wrap even starts, the company you hired must size up your vehicles. They must photograph the vehicle from all the sides and take key measurements of the hood, rear, sides, roof, and bumpers. The photographs they will take play a pivotal role in getting the best fit for your vehicle according to its shape, size, and style. Therefore, make sure to get advance photographs for your vehicles.

Track Record

Before hiring the services, find out their track record. Their track record will show how many years they have been working in the industry and which companies they did work on. There is a high chance that the company you are trying to blow off has a very amazing track record and have repeat business.

You can ask around other from other vehicle wrap companies to get an idea of the track record of the company. The more recommendations you get, the better their services are. The better option is to as the locals in Riverside CA to get an idea of what the locals consider the best. Most of the time, it will lead you to the best one in the area.

Quality Of Materials

There are a lot of quality brands that produce the most premium materials for vehicle wraps. They offer great guarantees and satisfying results. Ask the company what quality and which brand of wrappings will they be using for your vehicle.

Design Research

Like any task requires you to do your homework, make sure to do an ample amount of research on what type of style you want to achieve with your wrappings. Don't just rely on the company to give you options; they might rinse and repeat the formula they got right the first time! 

The best way to research is to look for vehicle wrap designs in the same marketplace that you are targeting. Take a closer look at your competitors and see how they are doing it. Get inspiration from their work. Once you have found a design, make sure to communicate it with the designer of the company, so both sides are on the same page.

Ask About Warranty

The top vehicle wrappers will provide warranties from between three to seven years. The average is about five years. Most colors like yellow and red can fade quicker than others. If you are using these colors a lot in your wrap, then make sure they are authorized and offer a warranty. You don't want to have a wrapping undone within a year or two.

Don't Overcrowd The Design

Vehicle designs need to be punchy and act as an eye-candy but must also deliver your message. Make sure not to choose a design that overcrowds the space with imagery and design elements. The most effective designs are colorful and minimal. They shouldn't be noisy and convey the message.

Licensed & Certified

The company that you are hiring should be licensed and certified. It is the best practice, as they will charge you competitive vehicle wrap costs and will also save you in the future costs. In case of any damages or loss on your end, the wrapping company will be held liable and will pay for all the costs and damages with their insurance.

These tips will help you get great vehicle wraps that will help you promote and reach out to your audience effectively.

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