Migraine Hangover: The after effects of the pain leaving body tovulnerabilities

Posted by Barrownzlifesciences on November 5th, 2019

Migraine Hangover: The after effects of the pain leaving body to vulnerabilities


People who are with migraines are likely to suffer from its hangover phase which is quite complicated. This phase is to be better known as the postdrome migraine or the migraine hangover. Not every person having migraine suffer from the postdrome. This generally occurs after the induction of the pain and likely to be active for about 24-48hrs after the pain. About 80% of the people suffering from migraines are likely to suffer from the postdromes too. Migraines postdrome come up with a lot of add-on symptoms along.

Postdrome Inductive Triggers


There isn’t any actual confirmation of the things regarding induction of the pain but many people report about some. Below we have discussed some of reported triggers of postdromes-

  • Sometimes excessive usage of VDU based devices such as cellphones, laptops, computer, television etc. might induce the effect of postdrome after the pain.
  • Postdromes are also to be triggered most in women as compared to men as it depends mainly on your hormonal balances.
  • People likely to suffer from the postdrome after the pain if they do not meet all the hygiene requirements of the body like as hydration, consuming light food etc. intact.
  • Sleep disorders or Insomnia issue also act as a trigger for the postdrome, as after the pain body needs rest to cope up.
  • If being a sufferer of anxiety or stress like issues then you might suffer from the migraine postdrome as well.

What are the major Migraine Postdrome Symptoms?


Migraine pain not only disturbs your daily routine but can also become a heck for your head and your body. Beginning from the intense pain and sensitivity within your body it disturbs all the physiological activities of your body. It is the fourth and the final phase of the pain. People having bad episodes of migraine postdrome like to suffer from these symptoms -

  • Constantly yawning and dizzy like feeling.
  • Likely to suffer from constipation and the bad stomach or the disturbed digestion process.
  • Body aches and stiffness in the muscles and bones likely to occur.
  • Might people feel weak and flushed out after the migraine.
  • Migraine postdrome might come up with euphoria and stress as their major symptoms.
  • Some people might feel sensitivity from light and sound and some might face difficulties in reading and speaking or concentrating as well.
  • Frequent urination become your problem.

Do postdrome be avoided ?

Yes, migraine postdrome can easily avoid as well its harmful symptoms can be minimized too. Adapting a healthy lifestyle can avoid migraines to an extent to help in avoiding its postdrome too. Below we have discussed some preventive methods for the migraine-

  • Migraine relief based drugs are available in the market you can opt either preventive or from the pain relieving range of drugs from barrownzlifesciences.com.
  • Migraine can be prevented as well the postdrome symptoms caused afterwards by maintaining good headache hygiene and maintaining hydration within the body.
  • Consuming healthy diets, regular exercising and maintaining proper sleeping schedule might avoid induction of pain.
  • Quit smoking and alcohol based harmful habits to prevent headaches.
  • Be stress free and also free from tensions to avoid the pain occurring frequently.

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