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Posted by Scarlet Media on November 5th, 2019

Scarlet is one of the leading marketing companies in Dubai, specializing in wide-range marketing solutions. The primary focus of a marketing company is to help your business throughout to inspire and activate your audience. The purpose of marketing is to revise the potential of your business. A marketing company creates a marketing strategy and manages extensive market research to increase the sales and profits of your business. An advertising agency boosts the exposure of your company by reaching out to your potential customers and building strong relationships with them. Marketing agencies use certain strategies and designs to solve or simplify communication issues for your company. 

The focus of Marketing Companies

At Scarlet, one of the best marketing companies in Dubai, we help our clients to see their business in a new light, spark new ideas within them and determine who and what they are. The main focus of our advertising agency is to provide strategy, branding, development, marketing, production, and analytics services for our clients. We start with creating a marketing strategy for your business and we build your brand with new digital solutions. We develop or upgrade your website to reach your target audience effectively and offer you online (digital) and offline (traditional) marketing campaigns. With our full-service media production, we bring your ideas to life and by using analytics we measure the performance of our marketing solutions.

Solutions of Marketing Companies

Marketing companies in Dubai offer a lot of solutions for your successful business. With development, Scarlet offers website development, mobile optimization, mobile app development, and mobile game development. Branding solutions include brand development, brand strategy, brand design, and rebranding. Online (digital) marketing solutions are social media marketing, search engine marketing (SEM/SEO), email marketing, and content marketing. Offline (traditional) marketing solutions range from TV and radio broadcasting marketing, outdoor marketing, to guerrilla marketing. We offer media productions which are video and audio production for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TV, radio and mobile platforms. And with analytics, we measure your ROI and create a strategy for your business to success. 

Benefits of Marketing Companies

As one of the leading marketing companies in Dubai and through its main offices in Istanbul, Dubai, Mumbai, and Nairobi, Scarlet’s marketing services are available in 35 countries across EMEA. Companies of all sizes use our advertising expertise to build their business and stay adept. We propose your company flexibility and access to trained professional sand advanced marketing technology. With a full range of marketing solutions, we bring together the vision, technology, and support needed to make positive impacts on our clients’ businesses. Our Branding Agency in Dubai supports a brand on different issues. Whether you’re a global brand facing a penetration issue to a new market or a start-up company trying to find your niche – we can help you boost your potential and express better who you are to your customers. From changing brand processes and culture, to discovering the brand story, to paving the way you write, your logo, look and feel. It’s all part of how we help you create and maintain a deeper relationship with your target audience.

 Branding from Scratch

As a multinational branding agency in Dubai, we love supporting international brands in different markets. We worked for a Belgium market leader Soy Milk in their brand positioning in Turkey and Dubai for 8 years. We worked for the world leader in watchmaking Swatch Group across multiple branding platforms as their media buying agency for all of their active brands. Our talented brand managers helped many European and American brands to gain exposure in digital and traditional media. Like many branding agencies, we do traditional and digital brand positioning. But that’s not all. We never lose the big picture and focus on brand objectives for the short and long run.

 Digital Branding:

Technology changes fast. But our fast-thinking marketers and developers are ready to ensure you keep up with the new ways people consume information. In fact, we design and generate penetration strategies. We improve user experience, make email marketing campaigns, enhance SEO and manage PPC campaigns. SEO has a very crucial part even before making any digital advertising and therefore needs special attention. Branding agency in Dubai should start working from digital infrastructure before taking other marketing actions. Regardless of technology or medium, the challenge of Dubai branding agency is to create inspiring ideas and bringing them to life in unignorable ways that motivate us to work every day.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a necessity for any sort of digital marketing success. Search engine marketing (SEM) comprises a range of activities all focused on making your website more visible when someone uses a search engine. SEO services are designed to increase visibility within the organic search results to deliver high quality and targeted traffic to your website. SEO Audit, keyword and market research, on-page/off-page SEO and as well as SEO consultancy are all parts of SEO services provided by SEO companies. With an SEO Company in Dubai, you can perform all the SEO work you need in the EMEA region.

How SEO Works

Keywords matter in the online world and choosing the right keyword is crucial for businesses to succeed. Keyword research is an integral element of SEO. It is a delicate science involving research into search patterns, keyword relevancy, market analysis, and even consumer behavior. At Scarlet, a top SEO agency Dubai, we specialize in smart keyword research, we offer advice on all aspects of your SEO strategy. We help you conduct detailed, insightful keyword research to get everything started the right way. The right SEO strategy will gain your business enhanced brand awareness and prestige and superb return on investment (ROI). SEO enables you to reach your target audience with ease and increase website visibility and usability.SEO company Dubai is an agency that provides professional digital services for personal, corporate or commercial web pages. SEO agency ensure sits customers to be listed in the top rankings in search engines with various SEO packages. By doing all the technical SEO processes of your web page, in other words, internal and external SEO, it takes you a few steps ahead of your other competitors. An SEO company provides periodic reports to keep track of your site’s SEO process and keep you informed of your progress. Since 93 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine, choosing the right SEO agency for your business is the key point.

SEO Solutions

SEO is an essential piece of your business’ marketing strategy. As Scarlet, a prominent SEO company Dubai, we boost your rankings and search engine visibility. We use industry-leading SEO metrics (including customized reporting and in house tools), providing tailored data that will drive your website traffic to the tops of the rankings. We use various SEO tools such as Google Search Console, Buzz sumo,, Rank signals, Ahrefs, etc. We offer website structure, web site content (including conversion analysis) and off-page online analysis. We also provide optimization of website code and structure, onsite content, and off-page factors for our clients.

 Importance of Having an SEO Company

As Scarlet, a leading SEO company Dubai, we know that quality SEO takes time and that your time is valuable. As a business owner, you should make the decision that your business requires an SEO strategy as a key component to your marketing strategy. Once you made that decision, your next step should be locating the best SEO service provider to handle it. Whether you seek in-depth SEO consulting for a new website, an SEO audit, or a continuous SEO retainer, Scarlet is the best place for you. With our SEO services, we helped our clients across EMEA and beyond to exponentially grow their website visitors resulting in new customers and higher revenue. With Scarlet, SEO agency Dubai,  your business’ all the needs regarding SEO will be provided with 360-degree marketing solutions. Scarlet, a prominent SEO agency Dubai, provides SEO consultancy for any business in Dubai and all businesses across UAE. The main strategy of SEO is to decide essential keywords for your field of work and benefit from them. The ultimate goal of SEO is to let search engines and internet users find your online service or products with cleverly designed marketing campaigns.

 What We Do

As an SEO agency Dubai, Scarlet offers keyword research and content planning, on site keyword setup and onsite technical optimization. We set up Google My Business and citation listing submissions (local review directories) for your business. Conversion rate optimization (CRO), engagement optimization, content development (text, image, video, etc.) and link building included in our SEO services. We set up and manage social media accounts, and carry out reputation management (reviews) for our clients. SEO consulting is the last and most important part of our services, we meet all the needs of your business.

 Our Accomplishments

An established SEO agency Dubai, our talented team at Scarlet provides quality SEO services that will help you improve your search engine rankings and bring in more relevant organic traffic to your website. Since our foundation in 2006, we helped a lot of our clients from various businesses to move into the top 10 rankings on Google search engine. In 4 continents and 35 countries, we are well known for our outstanding SEO guidance.

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