DIY Umrah Journey Complete Guide to Newbies

Posted by Taylor Parker on November 5th, 2019

There are numerous ways to plan an inexpensive Umrah, especially a Do It Yourself journey. DIY Umrah has become a trend and you can easily perform your duties by following a simple guide. If you are looking for such an easy guide, we are going to help you. Whether it is the visa, planning or travel tips, newbies can trust our Umrah guide. We will provide you all the relevant and sufficient information that is necessary.

  1. Umrah Planning: 

    As we know, planning is always the first step. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to do and what you’ll need. We have got your back. There are a few points that you should keep in mind and ask yourself while planning.
  1. When and At What Time? 

    A clear idea about when you have planned to go for Umrah can save your time and money. The month of Ramadan, especially the last 10 days are considered the peak season. The expenses can be 20x higher than usual. Likewise, it is also costly during school holidays.
  2. Visiting Medina: 

    In case you are going to visit Medina, plan accordingly. Flying directly to Medina is a better idea than getting stuck in Mekkah. You may have to wait for immigration and go through a rush at the Hajj terminal.
  3. Your Companions: 

    Assess your Umrah companions if you are traveling with a group. For example, how old or young they are, can the move easily? These questions will help you find a more suitable place to stay for both children and the elderly.
  4. your Budget: 

    Always have a clear idea about your budget while planning for Umrah. Think about the budget when you are deciding your ticket, hotel, and travel plans.
  1. Documentation Required: 

    There are some necessary documents that you have to bring for your own ease. You need a valid passport, ID card of your residential country and proof of being a Muslim. Also, you will need a marriage or birth certificate for females (sister, wife, or mother).
  1. The Visa Process: 

    There is still an ambiguity among people about the visa process for Umrah. It’s a common thought you must know a Saudi agent to complete the process. But that’s not completely true, you can also find many agents in your own city or country. You can even get visas and umrah packages in Birmingham if you are willing. Ask them to help you with a visa and after that, you can plan Umrah on your own.
  1. Flight and Accommodation: 

    Flight and accommodation for an Umrah is the easiest part of your journey. Every major airline runs operation for Jeddah. From London, it is usually around £500 direct and about £350 if there is a stopover. You can also enjoy a less costly ticket if you book in advance or purchase a ticket during the sale. For example, if you are planning an Umrah in March, you can buy tickets during Christmas sale.

And thanks to mega infrastructure plans, booking a hotel has become much easier. There are plenty of hotels that offer inexpensive stay near the Haram.

  1. Pros and Cons of a DIY Umrah: 

    Here are some key points about a DIY Umrah plan. These pros and cons can help you in making a decision whether or not you should go for it.

Pros of DIY Umrah

  • Cost effective
  • Flexible timings and dates
  • Chances to visit Ziyarath
  • Chances to tourism after Umrah
  • A better understanding of the Umrah process

Cons (without a Travel Agent)

  • No physical guide
  • Sisters cannot have a female guide
  • Drivers may cheat you on charges
  • Confusion if you don’t have an expert guidebook

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