Is Horoscope Matching Important For A Successful Marriage?

Posted by Balakrishnan David on November 5th, 2019

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The idea of marriage is considered a very vital decision in each of our lives. No matter you are a bride or the groom, each of your decision should be taken cautiously to avoid complexities in the future. Every single couple wants to have a happy and prosperous life after marriage, a perfect one with lots of happiness. For this particular reason, most Hindi Matrimony in India is specially designed to meet this specific requirement of the expecting brides and grooms.

Well, most people believe in consulting astrologists or an experienced kundali matchmaker for getting the horoscopes of the bride and the groom matched. This process is known as kundali Milan. The Hindi Matrimonial sites take this point into consideration and open up various options for the family of the bride and the groom.

These options allow easy horoscope matching of their children before approving for a boy or girl for their child. The process of kundali Milan has become quite easy and practical to deal with the adjoining options of these marriage matrimony sites. They show the match percentage with your partner without much hassle.

What does the idea of horoscope matching mean?

Well, the idea of Horoscope Matching can be better described as a traditional process through which the astrologer easily judges the birth chart and horoscope of the bride and the groom against each other. The matching or the judging process is undertaken based on five key factors.

These factors, often termed as elements of yoga’s, can be classified as follows:

The Santati Yoga: It relates to the aspect of children.

The Saubhagya Yoga: It relates to the element of mutual longevity and comparability between the partners.

The Sampatti Yoga: This relates to the element of fortune which their relationship will bring in.

The Swasthya Yoga: As the name suggests, this element is related to the health of both the partners.

The Samaj Yoga: This point related to the long term relationship which the couple will have with the extended family

Why is Matching Horoscope Considered So Important?

It is observed these days that with the evolution of technology, the young generation does not give much importance to the idea of matching the astrological charts. This is mostly because the young generation is more opting for love relationships, and thus, the trend of matching the astrological charts is losing its worth. However, no matter how the young generation reacts, the elders of the family, especially with Brahmin background, still prefer finding a perfect match for their child based on the compatibility of the astrological charts.

There are a lot of people who are enjoying a blissful life after Shaadi, even without matching the horoscopes. While there are even ones, who are victims of an unhappy marriage and broken relationship also though their marriage was done after checking through the horoscope and getting it matched perfectly. Whatever be the personal belief of an individual, as per the basic study, matching horoscope is essential to have a more stable relationship.

Matching the horoscope, especially in the case of arranged marriages, helps in understanding the compatibility between the bride and groom in terms of all the five elements. As per beliefs, horoscope matching proves to be a great way through which the bride or the groom can know about their partners' behavioral patterns too. So, as per these observations, the idea of horoscope matching proves as a great deal. In short, it brings along several advantages as well disadvantages which are discussed below:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a detailed horoscope matching?

For some of the families, matching horoscope before conducting a marriage is very important. However, in the case of some of them, some couples are likely to build up more insecurity with matchmaking. This insecurity usually comes up in the cases of love marriage, because if the matches are not compatible, it can even lead to breaking ups too. Here are the most prominent pros and cons which is likely to come when you are seeking the service of an ideal astrologer for matchmaking before marriage.

Pros of Match-Making:

Well, coming to the section of pros which comes up with the idea of matching, we have two most important points. It helps in checking and knowing the compatibility between the partners, and it also helps in valuing the Khatri traditions. With the process of matching the astrological charts, the astrologer predicts the level of compatibility which the couple would have.

They even predict how the relationship will be and how will things stay in the long run. Apart from this benefit, when you are getting your horoscopes matched, you are valuing the ancient beliefs and traditions of your religion. This gives a lot of satisfaction to the mind that each step has been done properly and thus, the process of becoming a Life partner is very likely to turn successful.

It is mostly seen in the case of Indian brides that once the family comes to know about the future, a sense of mental dissatisfaction comes up, predicting what if something turns out to be bad. It leads to influence in the opinion of a person regarding the other person without actually knowing him or her properly.

The second point which comes up with matchmaking is that it impacts the decision significantly. It is observed primarily in case of arranged marriages, that if the profile of the groom does not stand on compatible terms with the bride, the decision of choosing the person as a partner gets influenced. Apart from all these points, the process of matchmaking also brings in fear of the wrong judgment of the charts.

In short, it should be understood that no marriage comes up with a warranty card. It depends entirely on both the bride and the groom how they will continue their life. However, as per beliefs and practices, the process of horoscope matching is very crucial for a successful married life.

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