The best revenge is a massive success

Posted by Evelyn Williams on November 5th, 2019

We all tend to fail at some point in our life. This might not be a popular line to start off with but it’s ingrained in human nature. None of the world’s most successful people reached there by just riding the baton of success. Their path was littered with failures all over but the only thing they knew was to never give up.

But that’s the beauty of success, isn’t it? The sweet euphoric feel that success provides after all those bitter failures. And that is also what makes success one of the best revenge. For starters, revenge doesn’t necessarily amount to always seeking an eye for an eye. The negative energy from the fallouts of revenge-seeking nature is too intimidating and not worth watering. 

What makes success the best revenge?

You don’t need to look further out; we have examples all around us. Be it Sylvester Stallone, known for Rambo and Rocky. Do you know that Sylvester was broke and even homeless and had to live at a bus station for 3 weeks? He had to sell his dog for a meager to cover for his electricity bills, though he bought it back later on while filming Rocky with the money he earned later. Imagine the euphoria and sense of entitlement that Sylvester felt standing on the stage of Academy awards after his movie earned 3 Oscars in 1977. That’s the beauty of revenge of success.

Let’s head down and see what really makes success the best revenge. We’ve covered it in 4 different poignant points.

  • Nothing tastes sweeter than a victory achieved after failure

Failures may feel like the end of the world but in order to achieve success, we need to fail quite a lot. After shedding those hard times off, those pinned moments of failure, achieving success tastes the sweetest of the lot. Let success be your best revenge and revel in the joyous moment.

  • Breaking through the fears

Do you ever think what stops you from gearing ahead? What internal wrangling tends to manifest in your mind and put you down? It’s the fear that puts us all down, the fear that has been harvesting inside of us. Only when we can break through these fears can we look forth to success. And success is the best revenge for all these fears that have plagued you for long.

  •  Positivity wins hands down against negativity

If you look closely, negative thinking always tends to create rampant in the world. With media and all those people trying to foster negativity all around, we often become resentful of ourselves. Push through the negative cart with mental toughness and you can achieve a biggie in your life. Success allows you to know that the best revenge is that where positivity triumphs over the negative. 

  • You become a symbol of possibility

Those days when everyone cited you as a failure or pinned you down or even led calls to you being not up to the mark, those very people will tilt their head back and count you as the symbol of responsibility. What good way to achieve revenge in the face of all than by being a success? No claps will hear louder than the claps of success. 

Success is not merely achieving something, it’s a lot more than that. It’s the sweetest revenge that you can have in your life. Don’t shy away from your failures; turn them into stepping stones for a prolonged success down the line.

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