Bingo Baby Shower

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 26th, 2010

A bingo baby shower is a great idea for those who want something fun and different for their baby shower.

It?s custom to have themes and various games at baby showers, and a bingo baby shower is one of the best and most popular types. A bingo baby shower will combine the fun of a bingo game and the excitement of a baby shower. Bingo is not only a great game; it?s a great icebreaker, especially when the guests don?t know each other very well. Playing a bingo game, with the players divided into teams, will encourage the guests to interact and get to know each other.

Planning a bingo baby shower is really easy. All you need is bingo cards, markers, small prizes or awards and lots of snacks! The host can make the cards beforehand, and have the players make their own home made cards. Even normal bingo sets can be used with only a few slight adaptations. Many shops cater especially for baby shower games and various baby shower bingo game sets can be found.

Part of the fun of a bingo baby shower is to have all the guests make their own cards. All they need is colored paper, scissors, rulers and colored pens and/or markers. Depending on the type of game being played, they can write down the names of expected gifts or draw pictures of baby related items. The bingo baby shower card usually consists out of 25 (5X5) or 36 (9x9) blocks.

Playing a bingo baby shower game is quite simple. The guests or the host decides on the type of bingo game, the cards are then made based on the game chosen. Guests can draw pictures of baby related items and then write down the names of the items on separate cards. All the cards are thrown in a hat and mixed together. The host will then draw the cards and read out the name. Guests match the names to the pictures on their bingo cards. The first guest to fill their card wins a small prize. The same goes for the bingo game where guests write down the names of the gifts they think the mother to be will receive. As she opens her gifts, they mark off the gifts on their cards. The first guest to fill their card wins bingo!

Remember that guests should shout bingo at the top of their voices, this way playing baby shower bingo is a lot more fun!

Before organising a baby shower, the host should take the ages of the guests and their interests into consideration. Most of the time a bingo baby shower is the perfect option because everyone, young and old, enjoy playing bingo.

Having a bingo baby shower is the new trend. The games are fun to play, easy to organise and can keep guests busy for hours. Mothers-to-be should ensure they are the talk of the town having the best bingo baby shower of the year!

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