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Hotmail not working

Posted by williamsmith25 on November 6th, 2019

Hotmail users may face issues like Hotmail not working while they try to access their account. Hotmail may not work due to reasons like not compatible with device, improper internet connectivity etc.  Sometimes Hotmail account may also get blocked due to suspicious activity. Further the ways to fix Hotmail not working issue and Hotmail account recovery process is given below.

How to fix Hotmail not working?

Hotmail may not work due to various reasons but it can be fixed with the help of enlisted steps:

  • Firstly check your browser and make sure that Hotmail is compatible with it and also check that your browser is updated
  • After that check your internet to ensure proper connectivity
  • Clear caches and cookies as sometimes it may also stop Hotmail from working
  • If you are using Hotmail app then ensure that it is updated
  • Check that your Hotmail account is active because sometimes your account may be disabled due to some reason

How to recover Hotmail account if not working?

Hotmail account also may not work when you enter wrong login details in this situation you have to recover Hotmail account to get back the access. Follow enlisted steps for Hotmail account recovery:

  • Tap I can’t access my account on Hotmail login page
  • Then click I forgot my password in next page and provide Hotmail ID
  • After that type given CAPTCHA code as it is in blank space and tap next
  • Next choose any one recovery options among recovery email and  phone number 
  • Microsoft will send a verification code in your chosen option
  • Note down code and type correctly in given field and password reset page will open where you can type a new password
  • You can also click I don’t use these anymore if you don’t have access to both of your recovery option then select to answer security question
  • Type correct answer of your security question and password reset page will open
  • Then create a new password and save the same for future use

Contact Hotmail customer support if not working issue still exists even after you have followed the above given steps.

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