popular electronic games - they are not just for kids anymore

Posted by sere22 on November 6th, 2019

Arcade game parts suppliers introduce you the superheroes fight monsters and Space Invaders in fast action games.

Players play these superhero characters in epic battles.

In other games, players compete with villains and even less opponents for cars, boats, motorcycles, helicopters and planes to win high-stakes matches.

Games such as Burnout3: removal, ESPN, non-Hodgkins lymphoma-

2K5, Silent Mountain 4: Room, Terminator 3: Redemption, Pokemon added to the national vocabulary because the children flocked in,

Parents, teachers, missionaries and politicians criticized video games and even banned video games in some cases.

Video games are blamed for poor grades, poor conduct, and even poor health.

If you listen long enough, all the problems we young people have today are caused by video games.

One thing is for sure. Kids love them.

They keep increasing the number of purchases and games.

There are video games here.

Since the first computer came out, people have been trying to play games on the computer.

As early as 1950, mathematicians and engineers Claude Shannon believed that computers could be programmed to compete with human chess.

He became interested in the concept of artificial intelligence.

To pursue the idea, researchers and scientists have designed some rough games that can be played on huge clumsy computers of 1950 and 1960.

The first actual video game as a consumer product was built in early 1970 as a Arcade game operated as a coin.

In 1971, Ted Dabney and Al Alcorn set up Atari, the first gaming company.

Soon after they made the first game console and their first video game, Pong became a arcade game.

Pong succeeded immediately.

This success has prompted yadali and other companies to start developing home consoles that can be connected to TV sets.

Atari released its first home console in 1977.

Soon the game was placed on a cartridge that could be changed depending on the player\'s whim.

In 1979, Activision was composed of former Atari game designers.

The purpose of the new company is to focus on game software.

They decided to leave the development of the devices that play video games to others.

This is the first company to develop and sell video game software.

In a very short time, a large number of game companies began to try to develop software for the emerging video game industry.

As a result, there are a lot of poorly conceived games in the market.

Consumers left in droves, and the home video game industry gradually faded out of the market.

By the beginning of 1980, video games were being developed for personal computers.

Color graphics, flexible storage capacity, and universal processors make it easier to play games on your PC.

The game host business is almost dead.

In the 1980 s, two Japanese companies launched a new generation of consoles that are technically capable of handling the new video games being produced.

These companies are Nintendo and Sega.

These consoles feature more graphics than most PCs.

Nintendo also provides a feature for the console to record the game action so that players can pause the game action.

Game Boy behind Nintendo, one hand

Game console.

Game consoles were re-popular in the 1990 s.

A new generation of more sophisticated video games was launched in 2001.

The consoles include PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

Video games continue to become more complex with more action and graphics.

Today\'s video games have reached the status of art form.

They are the perfect combination of board games and comic books, all integrated into a medium with spectacular graphics and compelling audio.

Oddly enough, most video games are similar to board games.

They have one of two central themes.

The first is the car and the other is the capture area or opponent.

Perhaps it is because of these similarities that video games begin to attract more viewers.

As video games mature, they begin to attract more mature audiences.

Initially, the games were mainly toys for boys.

The growth of the gaming industry is no longer young men.

Both men and women are mature adults.

Many of the most popular board games have adapted to the video game format.

Where young people hook game consoles to TV sets, adults often play games on their computers, often against other players on the Internet.

Grandparents and grandchildren are playing video games.

They also joined the game club to play video games on the internet with other seniors in another state or half of the world.

Many top gaming companies see seniors as a new growth market for the gaming industry.

Claude Shannon thinks computers can be programmed to play chess.

In a sense, he is right.

Of course, he never imagined that when chess players execute chess strategies on a computer game board, they would cross the web space.

Nor can he imagine the popular video games that video poker, online casinos, and other people of all ages are playing.

Video games are not just for kids.

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