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Backup Power Generation Systems In Adelaide

Posted by skyhigh on November 6th, 2019

Class A Energy Solutions is home to the backup power generation systems in Adelaide. It is the most successful industry leader in solar sales, installation, and design. We are based in Glenunga in the Eastern foothills of Adelaide, and we have successfully completed thousands of solar designs, and solar installations across Australia. We have a huge number of clients especially here in our local SA. Class A Energy Solutions has a small and dedicated team with proven skill and incredible depth of knowledge regarding the Australian solar industry. We have worked with our clients and built solar systems over the past 20+ years. The team has extensive experience in local solar systems and large-scale marketable solar installations. We have sold and installed solar systems up to 1.3MW. We are experienced in energy-efficient drives, energy-efficient lighting, backup/hybrid generation systems, and energy optimization.

Our experienced in-house team has a real passion for, and understanding of, the Australian solar industry, and have the expertise to provide a complete service to our customers. We have developed our own in-house programs, working collaboratively with energy retailers and networks throughout Australia to ensure we are able to provide accurate assessments and timely execution of solar and energy-saving projects.

We specialize in the following components of Backup power generation systems in Adelaide:

• Large and small-scale solar installations
• Battery storage solutions
• Backup generation
• Energy efficiency
• Project management and customer service
• Energy auditing and energy optimization
• Ongoing customer support

With many businesses closing days of trade throughout the year power outages are often more common than we’d like in South Australia. Today more businesses are choosing to install a backup generator and we do our best to fulfill this game. This enabled them to save fragile stock and keep trading in the event of a grid outage.

We have installed many backup diesel generators for businesses and individuals. In particular, the industry is one in which backup generation is regarded as almost vital. To get the most efficient Backup power generation systems in Adelaide to call us today.

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