Modern Décor Trends that are Budget-Friendly

Posted by Rajeev on November 6th, 2019

Modern interior décor has transformed over the years. These days, less is often regarded as more. Extravagant furnishing increases your budget and requires extra maintenance. As per the industry experts, people are shifting towards minimalism, and simplistic style of décor. You can shop luxury furniture online, that reflects modern, contemporary décor.

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When we think of decorating our home, the first thing that comes to our mind is color and theme. When it comes to wall paint, choose a color that accentuates the entire style of your home.  People often opt for the classy and chic monochrome pallet consisting of black, White and tones of grey wall paint is a great idea for a living room, foyer or kitchen area. White wall paint adds a touch of class and elegance to your home. The best part is that white complements all the colorful décor. For example, teal colored cushions are a great addition to a white minimalist home. Pastels are an excellent choice for modern homes. If you like warmer shades; choose purple, mustard yellow or rusty orange. You can also add beautiful textures on the wall with stones and ceramic. If you are looking an antique home décor online, check out local handicrafts’ businesses.

When it comes to minimalistic décor opt for rustic wooden furniture. Vintage style wooden sofas with luxe cushions are a wonderful addition to your living room. And so are large vintage leather chairs. If your walls are painted white, beige or any other pastel shade; add a bright pop of color with peppy cushions in orange, purple, ocean blue or olive green. Stone and glass center tables can be considered. Use wood creatively to create custom shelves and save space. Décor ideas can range from simple artifacts to elaborate art pieces. Beautiful glass vase, mirrors and natural elements like plants, pebbles, and stones are great choices. Simple art pieces and paintings of the expressionist era can add an elegant touch to your home. Ceramic pots, and vases can look stylish in your home. Brass candle stands and décor pieces in metallic hues are great for minimalist décor.

Indoor plants are a great addition to accentuate a simplistic home. Succulents, Ficus, Meyer lemon trees, Kentia palm are a few examples of indoor plants that can beautify your home. When it comes to lights and fixtures, a vintage chandelier can add an elegant touch to your space. Modern style tungsten bulbs, reflective lights, are great for minimalist homes. These bulbs look lovely and adds a rustic touch to the home.

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