Experience: An intern at IIT-M tells how internships are crucial

Posted by rohith on November 6th, 2019

A single internship is enough to change your life. That is what happened to me.

I got an opportunity to intern at the prestigious IIT-M under Telecommunications department. It was a 3 months internship.

In a nutshell, it was a dream come true opportunity for me. I not only learnt more on the fundamentals of engineering but learnt how to stay independent, manage my expenses and build new friendships.

Most importantly, I learnt how important it is to work as a team. That wonderful experience shaped me personally as well as professionally. Let me tell you about my experience in detail.

Was I a bookish nerd? Not at all!

I was just an average student but more inclined towards co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. I did not limit myself to just listening to lectures and scoring good marks in the final examination.

During my college days, I presented over 10 papers, 3 journals, 1 seminar and 1 international conference. I won the “Best paper award” at the conference. My paper was on Software Defined Radio, an emerging field in telecommunication.

How did I apply?

I came across a content writing internship offer at IIT-B. My father advised me to apply at IIT-M under my department. I applied for the summer internship program. I downloaded the form from the official website, chose my area of interest and provided my project details and others. I mailed it to them.

I am from Electronics and Communication Background. I applied under the Telecommunication department since the project which I was working under belonged to that sector.

I got a call from the Professor who asked me about my paper. Since they were researching in the same area, the discussion went on well and I got the opportunity right away.

Here I would like to suggest something. If you are planning to do a project or research, take up topics that are based on real-time industry scenario. Take up topics that are in demand right now. Do not limit yourself to basic topics and simple projects. Think out-of-the-box.

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How was my experience?

I was from a Tier-2 college. I was still unable to believe that I was going to intern at ‘The’ IIT-M. I was able to believe only after I reached IIT-M. I was still on doubts even when I reached Chennai railway station. When I entered the IIT-M campus, the first thing that fascinated me was the green campus.

Wherever you turn, you would find greeneries and rare species around you. Deer, monkeys, jackal…the campus was very friendly towards Mother Nature. The pollution-free and eco-friendly campus was a marvel to many of us.

We were supposed to commute in cycles around the campus. That was when I rode cycles after a long time. Speaking about the research atmosphere, we were given a few assignments with a set deadline.

No theory classes, no how-to-dos. It was all about DIY (Do It Yourself). We did a practical analysis of what we learnt and applied it.

At IIT-M, it was all about learning by doing. Students are exposed to real-time projects rather than simpler ones. This would help them a lot in the long run of their career. In fact, students are supposed to apply whatever they learn theoretically in a practical sense.

We were free to stay anywhere, let it be the library, cafeteria or the ground, and carry out our research work. That sense of freedom allowed us to learn and enjoy what we learn. It was an amazing experience which I would remember forever.

The next thing that fascinated me was how they respected everyone equally without any variation. The professor, staffs and research assistants were always ready to help us at any time. We were able to learn a lot from them academically as well as morally.

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The professors keenly listened to our suggestions and ideas. Our professor once told us that he was a student for life. The interest and passion they had in their research was something which I am amazed.

We had lectures from various academicians and research scholars from DRDO, BHEL and ISRO. It was really great to listen to their lectures.

The library was vast. You name the book, you get it. There were wide varieties of books in various subjects.

It was a great experience over there. We were given hostel access. There were both South Indian and North Indian menus available. The diet was extremely healthy. You get to eat what you require for a healthy life.

What were my key takeaways from the experience?

At IIT-M, I got to meet some true friends with whom I am still in contact. They are my pillars of support now. I am still in touch with the professors, research scholars and a few students whom I met at IIT-M. Whenever I have any doubts, I do mail them. I get back detailed replies within a day or two. I am yet to learn from their sense of commitment and dedication towards their work.

At the end of the internship, when I received the certificate and internship stipend of Rs.10, 000 from the hands of our professor, I was extremely delighted. Those 3 months of efforts and hard work proved extremely valuable.

Those were memories which I would cherish all my life. It was also a proud moment for my family and friends.

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Why should you take up internship opportunities?

If you are a student willing to explore various internship opportunities, then I would tell you to go for it. A single internship is enough to change the track of your life. It is up to the students to make the best out of their internship opportunity. All they need is to shape their career in such a way that they are always on the lead. Internships would definitely help them achieve this height.

You get to learn how the world is evolving while interning. You get to be a part of this evolution. That is why everyone insists on internships. There are various topics such as AI, Machine Learning, Chatbots and Data science which are going to disrupt the industries such as manufacturing in the upcoming days.

If you are willing to learn any of these technologies, then it would not be enough if you are relying on a theoretical basis. It is a must that you have a hands-on approach to the topics. Internships will be capable of providing you with the same.

As Dr. Abdul Kalam says, ‘Climbing to the top demands strength, whether it is to the top of Mount Everest or to the top of your career’. Internships are capable of providing you with that strength. Kick start your internship journey now!

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