Do You Know How to Install a Bathtub?

Posted by Soft Bathroom on November 6th, 2019

Even if you have chosen a "lightweight" fiberglass or maybe acrylic bathtub, installing it's likely to be a huge job. You will find 2 standard kinds of tubs you are able to install: a conventional framed bathtub or maybe a freestanding bathtub like a claw foot tub. When deciding which type you would like installing, one primary consideration is the quantity of space you've obtainable in the bathroom of yours. In case you're replacing a framed tub, you will probably have to place another framed tub in the place of its, as a claw foot tub will not fit into exactly the same room a framed tub did. Measure the space of yours carefully, and next make the decision of yours and buy the tub of yours.

Freestanding Tubs

The initial step in the assembly of a brand new claw or freestanding foot tub requires jacking the tub up as if it was the car of yours, since you are likely to need to work beneath it. Since nobody can make jacks particularly for tubs, you will need to improvise by utilizing the wrapping material or perhaps a number of bricks covered with bath towels. This can provide ample room work in while putting the pieces together.

Begin with the foot of the tub. Every foot is created to fit in just one area on the tub, as make certain you place them in the correct places of theirs. You might wish to get a buddy to aid you with this. Install both legs on the plumbing conclusion of the tub first, after which the legs on the complete opposite conclusion.

When fixing the plumbing fixtures, again make certain you have hooked the warm on the warm and also the cold towards the cold. It is not difficult to blend them up, and also you will not wish to need to invest some time later unhooking them and next re hooking them properly.

After the tub of yours has legs, you are able to remove the jacking material and also enable the tub to stand alone. If it does not sit level, you will have to set up room washers on the thighs and legs until it can. You might just require a couple of washers, or even none, unless the house of yours is poorly out of level.

Framed, Traditional Bathtub

The procedure for adding a brand new framed in tub is usually simple enough so long as you are replacing an older tub with a comparable model. To begin from scratch in a brand new bathroom, nonetheless, you will have to begin by framing the spot. This comprises adding 2x4s that are nailed into the wall studs on the back as well as sides of the tub known as ledgers. Right after framing you are able to add the plumbing. Once more, when replacing a current tub, the plumbing will be there for you to make use of.

Be sure you've a lot of help when moving the new bathtub of yours in place. Not merely are tubs heavy, they're out-of-balance and awkward also to carry. Right after putting the tub in the frame of its, check for evenness with a quality. If the sides of the tub are from plumb, bring shim until you have accomplished the appropriate perspective. Remember that the bottom floor of the tub won't be level.

Assemble all of the overflow pipes of yours and drain pipes and ensure they all fit together right. You will have to connect the drainage system including the p trap as well as the drain pipes. Once you have gotten the pipes all in position, it is time to set up the final of the ledgers.

If every thing is assembled right, the tub can today be slid into the position of its on the ledgers. The drainpipe is going to be in the appropriate placement to slide directly into the p-trap. Utilizing the hardware which was included with the bathtub, nail it down and connect each cover and plumbing plates. After things are connected, provide the plumbing a trial run to ensure you are able to look for leaks.

Regardless of what sort of tub you install, you will wish to examine the work of yours several times to ensure everything is executed properly. Once you are sure things are correct, you will have to operate a bead of caulking around all the tub edges which see the wall and enable the caulking to cure for no less than twenty four hours prior to making use of the tub. Installed improperly, the tub can in fact slide back off the ledgers while you or even a loved one is bathing. You can never be very cautious. When you are not entirely at ease with the job you have done, find an experienced plumber to assist you.

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