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Witness Important Islamic Sites with Umrah Package Deals

Posted by safeenarah on November 6th, 2019

Not so long ago, many of the Muslims across the world ended up postponing their plans of performing Umrah owing to budget concerns. In the past few years, many tour operators specialising in the Islamic religious tours have come up in different parts of the globe and an increasing number of Muslims today are fulfilling their dreams of performing the 'lesser pilgrimage' as a result. These tour operators also have their presence online in the form of user-friendly websites, where the prospective pilgrims can find the package of their choice for Umrah while browsing through various categories.

The Umrah package deals offered by many different tour operators also give them the chance to reduce the cost of their packages further. Usually, such deals are offered on packages during specific seasons for attracting the maximum number of bookings. However, the packages for which these deals are offered must be booked immediately for getting the discount. The amount saved while booking packages for Umrah under such offers can be utilised by the pilgrims for various purposes while they are in the holy city of Makkah. They can either buy some attractive souvenirs for their loved ones back home or use the savings while visiting the important Islamic sites.

One of them is Mount Arafat, which is located in the plain of Arafat about 20 kilometres to the east of the central part of Makkah. It is also called 'Jabal al-Rahmah', which translates as 'Mountain of Mercy'. This name refers to the event when Prophet Adam (peace be upon him), the first prophet, was forgiven by Allah for his sin after his fall from heaven. The place where he was forgiven has been indicated in recent times by a pillar erected for the purpose. This mountain is also the place where Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had delivered his famous 'Farewell Sermon' towards the end of his life.

Located near the 'Jannat al-Mu'alla' or the 'Cemetery of Mu'alla and Al-Hajun' in Makkah, this mosque is one of the most important mosques in the holy city and is visited by many individuals. It is also considered to be among the oldest mosques in Makkah. It has been built at the spot where a group of 'jinn' or 'genies' had gathered after sunset once to listen to the recitation of a portion of the Holy Quran by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The leaders of the group of jinn met him later and embraced Islam. This event has been mentioned in the Quran's al-Jinn chapter.

Another sacred mountain the pilgrims must explore while in Makkah is Mount Abu Qubays, which is located on the eastern frontier of the holy city. It is believed that the mountain was called al-Amin during the times when pagan Arabs resided in the region. One of the local legends says that this mountain is the place where the first of men stayed and were buried after they died. This mountain is also the place where Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had shown the pagans the famous miracle of the 'splitting of the moon'.

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