Why People Prefer Sai Cosmetics For Painless Hair Transplant In Pune

Posted by Ruchi Shrivastava on November 6th, 2019

As the technology evolved, the hair transplant in Pune became affordable. However, it was still painful and as a result, people were hesitant to undergo a hair transplant. Now, hair transplant has become possible, affordable, and painless. 

Let us give you a glimpse of why people prefer Sai Cosmetics for the painless hair transplant in Pune.

Step 1

We start by applying the locally ice or glycerin pack to the area where the local anesthesia injection is to be given. As Dr. Amitabh Shrivastava recommends, the glycerin pack is a better idea as it doesn’t melt down like ice and wets the scalp/ face.

Step 2

We apply ointment (Tetralid) or other surface anesthesia in a thin layer. The area is then covered by a water paper or metal foil and tied with a loose bandage (crape) for another 20 minutes.

Step 3

We use ultrasonic vibrators for 5 more minutes to attain a deep and complete effect of topical anesthesia.

Step 4

After 30 minutes, we inject local anesthesia. A skin test is done with 0.1ml of the drug followed by applying the Local mixed with Adrenaline in definite proportions for normal male patients. Hypertensive and those with a history of convulsions or other contraindications and all FEMALE patients should not be administered with Adrenaline. The local anesthesia injections are given using 26 to 28 gauge needles.

Step 5

The local injections are given as per the shape of the area in a structured way. Large circular areas should be anesthetized with concentric rings of shots alternately each circle. Injections should be given pricking the needle in the anesthetized small area of the previous shot. A light local could be added to the tumescent liquid to enhance the effect of the anesthesia for a longer time.

Step 6

A further shot of local may be needed for the patients with lower pain thresholds at the donor areas. If the patient is normotensive, an intragluteal injection of Diclofenac Sodium will be given. Patients with normal renal functions refer to investigations before transplant.

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