Transform the Hiring Experience with Jeeves AI

Posted by Recruitment Smart on November 6th, 2019

Transform the Hiring Experience with Jeeves AI

The word “experience” is the essence of any consumption in today’s digitized landscape. It doesn’t matter if your offering is cut above the rest if it doesn’t enhance the user experience. The same ideology holds the fort in the HR domain and it’s hiring process. Thanks to AI-based technologies like NLP, machine learning, etc. there has been a paradigm shift in the way businesses and candidates are interacting with each other. Jeeves AI is one such AI-enabled technological advancement which is assisting recruiters to improve the hiring experience.

Jeeves AI, backed by machine learning algorithms can parse through a large influx of candidates CV, shortlisting desired candidates based on predefined algorithms like qualification, experience and past roles with minimal turnaround time. Jeeves AI-powered business analytics software enables the development of powerful, intuitive and customized dashboards for various decision-makers and knowledge workers to allow them to make a data-driven real-time decision making. All this while, the candidates are involved in every step of the hiring process through automated email workflow which keeps them abreast of their application status.

The smart chatbots are driven by Jeeves AI, are already being used to answer support questions and engage candidates on the websites. The chatbots can seamlessly integrate and synch with the calendars of the interview panel and help recruiters schedule a live interview date and time selection for candidates.

The hiring process has invariably seeped in human bias but with the evolvement of Jeeves AI, the recruiters are made aware of any patterns of biased hiring in the recruitment process thereby making the hiring as fair as possible based only on skills and capabilities.

Candidate rediscovery is one of the most important value-added benefits of Jeeves AI recruitment. It differentiates between searching and screening candidates by using a historical candidate database to expedite the “time to hire” window, which could otherwise have been a long-drawn-out process. It allows an organization to stay ahead of the competition while keeping a constant relationship with the passive and existing candidates in the database.

Jeeves AI makes onboarding a breeze via Conversational AI Chatbots by addressing questions related to HR policies, work-related document repository and guided setup of self-service tools. The instantaneous nature of query addressing allows a candidate to acclimatize in the new work culture quite seamlessly, resulting in a happier and productive workforce.

Although the final decision to hire the candidates will always rest in the hands of the recruiters with Jeeves AI capabilities in tow, they can rest assured that a “best” hire will be recruited in the least possible turnaround time.

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