Delete Microsoft Account 1-888-289-9745 Microsoft Account Support

Posted by Elizabeth Textor on November 6th, 2019

Delete Microsoft Account 1-888-289-9745 Microsoft Account Support
Companies usually give you a bit of guff when you try deleting an account with them, but Microsoft has relatively few of hoops to jump through to do so. No matter the reason for deleting your account — switching to a new one, moving to a different OS, or just testing things out — the process remains the same. Here's how to do it.
Things to do before deleting your Microsoft account
Before you completely get rid of a Microsoft account, there might be a few loose ends that need tying up.
1. Cancel subscriptions: If you're subscribing to other services using your Microsoft account ID, cancel those subscriptions now. If not, you won't be able to access those services following deletion.

2. Set up an automated email forward: If you use an email address that ends in,,, or, your emails will no longer be available following the 60-day waiting period for final account deletion. You can manually send out messages, letting people know the account will be deleted, or you can set automated vacation replies.

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3. Spend money: Once your Microsoft account is gone, so is all the money associated with it. Before deleting your account, spend any remaining moola on items you can keep after account deletion. Money that will disappear also includes any Skype credit.

4. Save your stuff: While using a Microsoft account, you might have been tempted to store data, like pictures in OneDrive or emails in Outlook. Following account deletion, that data will no longer be accessible if you don't back it up somewhere else that isn't associated with your account. Also, keep in mind that games you've purchased through the Microsoft account will remain playable, but you will lose saved game progress, your Gamerscore, and your Gamertag. If you use an Xbox Music Pass, that music will no longer be accessible.

5. Deal with sub accounts: Child accounts remain open even when you delete your account, but they will need another parent account to give them consent when attempting to log into a PC running Windows 8 or later, a Windows phone, or an Xbox.

6. Turn off reset protection: If you have reset protection enabled on any of your devices, be sure to disable it before deleting your account. If you don't, you might not be able to use the device once the account is deleted.

Remember, if you delete your Microsoft account and realize that something is no longer working, there is a 60-day grace period where you can retrieve your Microsoft account before it is deleted forever.

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