Everything you need to know about HDMI switchers

Posted by BrightlinkAV on November 6th, 2019

Do you feel the need to connect two TV’s to one source? Do you not have inputs on your TV or AV receiver? HDMI matrix/extender set comes to the rescue always. With the advancement in technology, HDMI is gradually becoming the most common audio/video connection in use. There are chances that the TV's might have as few as one or two, or at most, three or four HDMI inputs. But, when it comes to a conventional home theatre setup, there are multiple input sources like DVD players, cable box, BluRay players, gaming consoles, NAS streaming servers, and much more. There is also usually one or two display services, such as a projector setup or a television. This all might seem a bit confusing at the moment to grasp the concept of switchers. Thereby to make it a bit less perplexing for you, let us plunge into the details.

Understanding HDMI switchers

Being a device that expands the number of HDMI sources you can connect to your TV or video projector, HDMI can accommodate from 2 to 8 inputs on a switcher. Buy HDMI matrix switcher and incorporate convenience in your day to day entertainment. All you have to do is connect your sources to the switcher's HDMI inputs and connect the switcher's HDMI output to your TV or video projector. One of the interesting things is that some switches have two HDMI outputs. This leads to the connection of the same source to two video displays or separate sources to each video display. The HDMI switcher, which manages to perform this activity, is generally referred to as a Matrix switcher. 

HDMI switchers tend to plug into AC power, and it usually comes with remote control for more convenient source selection. Some HDMI switchers also incorporate HDMI-CEC support. This support allows the switchers to automatically go to the correct input os the most recently activated advice.

What to look for in an HDMI switcher?

  • The HDMI switchers should be at least 180 p and DTS compatible.
  • All HDMI switchers must pass DTS Digital surround audio signals.
  • The switcher has to support HDMI handshake requirements that are implemented via High-bandwidth Digital Copy Protection. 32x32 HDMI matrix should be in accordance with the general standards.
  • If you have a 4K Ultra HD TV and 4 K source components, you ought to make sure that the switcher is also 4K compatible. 

If you are looking for an HDMI matrix to purchase, you must be well-versed with your needs and your requirements. Though there are no recommendations for HDMI splitters as of now, you must buy those which fulfill the conditions mentioned above.

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