Steps On How To Delete Paypal Accounts

Posted by AnthonyMiller on November 7th, 2019

Paypal has been widely used as go-to service for online payments for many years.  The service is very convenient and has been widely used by merchants, online sellers, and all online job workers.  With its success, there are many payment methods sprouting but PayPal is still popular.  Many are still using the said payment method because of convenience and ease of use. 

However, paypal now has its own competitor and that is its own app.  And because there are more sprouting payment method with lesser fees, some have moved to other payment services.

Now, if you think that your paypal is longer usable, you may opt to delete paypal accounts.  Few of the reasons why users tend to delete paypal accounts are the following:

  • There are more payment services that offer cheaper service fees.
  • Some accounts have been hacked.
  • Some accounts whose banks linked on it have problems with the banks.
  • Paypal is not offered as payment service by clients.

With the above mentioned reasons, here are ways to delete PayPal accounts.  However, there are things you need to consider when closing an account:

  1.  Make sure that you already have chosen a new payment method.  Delete PayPal account means that all recurring transactions would be cancelled.  If you have recurring transactions that are paid with your PayPal account, change the payment method to other account.
  2. Ensure that all transactions are confirmed and completed.  Closing an account cancels any transaction that is in progress.  Deleting an account means that you cancel any transaction that are in progress.  You can see your pending transaction on top of your account activity.
  3. You may withdraw all your available balance before closing an account.  Take note that once paypal account was closed, you cannot reopen.  You have to make a new account if you wish to use paypal again.

Process of deleting your paypal account

  1.  Log in to your paypal account.
  2. In the upper-right corner, the icon for Gear appears.  Select the Gear icon.
  3. Choose “close account”.
  4. Now, if you have credits on Paypal, make sure that you have contacted Pypal Customer’s service before closing an account.

Note:  Paypal has been very true in all their transactions.  There is always quality attached to every transaction.  If you decided to moved to other payment service, make sure that such service has the same quality of services that PayPal offers.  Moreover, there are many payment services method sprouting today but some of them encountered problems and issues.  Make sure that before registering and using the new payment method, the service has been proven good in quality. Don’t be deceived by cheap fees.  Paypal may have higher rates, but the quality of service matters. Want to know more about paypal accounts? Visit this site to get more information.


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