The Struggles of Living with Bums

Posted by Timeless Issues on November 7th, 2019

A bum is a person who would live out of other people’s money or at other people’s cost rather than working hard and saving up. When you come across a bum, you tend to find them like those people who may, with little effort, change. However, it is not an easy task, as this does not always happen. Have you ever tried living with a bum? If you do plan to live with a bum, then think again.

A bum has a lot of behavioral issues and may have an addiction of some kind. They also have criminal tendencies to fulfill their addiction needs and other basic requirements. They also show a lot of disrespect to the people they are around. Many people have lived with bums once in their lifetime, and this may not be the best experience of all.

Who Is A Bum?

Bums are lazy, lack social manners, take things and people for granted. These people do not even care if their clothes or house is clean or not.

They are also not interested in doing basic things like visiting a doctor, getting groceries, changing clothes in the morning, etc. Such people also prefer to borrow or steal money rather than work hard. They tend to spend all that they may have earned rather than saving up for the future.

Bums do not like responsibilities at all. They would rather not get things done themselves. Since they are not doing anything throughout the day; bums tend to send texts to their family and friends when they are bored. Many of them are also big eaters and prefer sleeping most of the time.

What Is It Like, Being A Bum?

Being a bum is not a life full of fun. A bum prefers to stay in isolation to avoid any kind of invites for social gatherings or events. Since a bum is not a hard worker, the chances of him or her being penniless are quite a well-known fact. They also prefer to spend money on take-aways rather than buying groceries and doing the cooking themselves.

These people also choose the easiest way to do things and avoid financial commitments and responsibilities. For example, to avoid rental problems, a bum would rather stay at the parental house rather than working hard to provide for his/her family.

What Is It Like To Live With A Bum?

Living with bums can be challenging. Since a bum will not be working or spending the earnings on some addiction like gambling or drinking, etc., you cannot expect timely rent from them. They do not care about the people around them and are very anti-social. Bums also tend to show disrespect to other people’s privacy and property, and this is the reason why they always get into trouble with the cops. They struggle to make ends meet but somehow manage to get what they want.

Not everyone ends up being a bum for the rest of his or her life. Some bums have, with great difficulty, overcome the need of being a bum and moved on for a better future. Even though free food and rent-free life can be tempting, it can also be dangerous for one’s social, emotional, and psychological behavior.

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