The Decline of Values is threatening the Pillars of Humanism

Posted by Timeless Issues on November 7th, 2019

For values are important for a person to possess a heart that feels compassion, love, empathy and unparalleled morality. Indeed values are important to distinguish right from wrong leaving behind any individual or communal ulterior motives. Standing up for what's right, despite the opinions that the world has to offer, values are crucial for an individual to raise his head high without the fear of fraudulence. Values are essential when it comes to completing the existence of a being because they solely reflect an individual's spirituality and response to everyday challenges. Eradicating violence, crudeness, jealousy, and misconduct, the essence of proper values can make a person stand out in a crowd.

Why is the fading of values an underlying concern that threatens humanity?

What would be left in a human if you stripped off his humanity? Scares your heart! Doesn't it? That's the reason why values are so critical. In a competitive world where the results are needed to be earned in a jiffy and the values are often thrown away properly sealed in trash cans, it's an underlying concern of unlimited worries for nothing is scarier than a human mind that has lost its conscience.The reasons are endless as to why people have started to subside the human-centric moral values that have been the stepping stones of human acculturation.

The driving forces for young adults and teens these days that shut down their conscience and moral ethics is an excessive desire for materialism. In a gullible way of earning countless bucks, most minds these days are ready to compromise with the values that they were meant to follow with the heart and carry forward. With the decline of values, there is a noticeably scary marked increase in theft, crime rates, dishonesty, disloyalty and immorality. The humanism basics that the world in liberation demands is in some serious threat.

Consider a world full of humans who show no empathy, who do not feel the pain when another soul wails and writhes in pain. It surely is heartbreaking. Why does a video that portrays little shows of kindness makes up end up in tears? Why are basic values so under-celebrated? Isn't it obvious for humans to be kind and full of moralistic values?  We have lost so many values that the obvious is not something that we expect. We expect the unobvious and when the obvious happens, we celebrate. This is so wrong! Compassion is important and so are a whole myriad of values. Cause a man is nothing without his shining blaze of values.

It all begins at home!

Your home is your haven. There goes the saying that everything begins at home and true to that, right from a child's developing years, the values that shall shape the kid's tomorrow are a subject of incorporation in his own abode.

Children are like clay, easily moldable. The child learns and mimics everything that he sees. If he sees any being, being hit mercilessly, he mimics it, becomes aggressive and violent and hits it every time he gets a chance. Shoplifting, stealing, lying, beating, jealousy, anything and everything a kid sees, gets etched into his memory and this is how he shapes himself. On the contrary, when the same kid is taught to be compassionate to animals and humans alike, he learns to love, care and value. When a kid is rewarded every time he courageously speaks out the truth and takes a stand for what's right, made to understand instead of being beaten, is preached benevolence instead of violence, he grows up to become a human, who matters. The world is a tough place and a person with a soft heart in a hard realm is what it takes to make a difference.

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