6 Essential Tips To Follow For Fast Tummy Tuck Recovery

Posted by medicalvacation on November 7th, 2019

Often before undergoing abdominoplasty surgery, we do our research on the best surgeons or figure out the cost of tummy tuck in Mexico, but what about after surgery? Taking precautionary measures post tummy tuck surgery is equally important to speed up the recovery. Whether you have planned to restore your pre-pregnancy figure or get rid of extra skin post-weight-loss, there are certain things you must follow, that we have shared here, to get optimal results.

Maintain a healthy diet

There is no doubt that you want your body to heal as soon as possible and gain back a healthy state. This is achievable only after following a healthy diet, full of nutritious food. Add protein-rich food like egg, chicken, and salmon and include healthy fat for skin recovery and proper healing.

Walk daily

After surgeries, exercises are not recommended. However, to stay active and healthy, you need some kind of physical activity. And what would be better than walking? It is advised to head outside and go for a walk for at least 30 minutes each day. Regular walks ensure the circulation of blood and fresh air which aids the recovery process. Also, when you are close to nature like a lake or woods, the healing process speeds up.

Wear compression garments

After the surgery, it is normal to experience a significant amount of swelling for a few weeks at the treated area. To support the healing procedure, your surgeon might suggest you wear a girdle, even while you sleep. This helps in managing the swelling and redrape the skin after the surgery.

Change sleeping posture

Surgeons usually recommend sleeping in an inclined position to reduce stress and pressure on the abdominal region. To support your body, use body pillows and maintain the right posture while your sleep.

Stay hydrated

It is not a new fact that drinking plenty of water is essential to accelerate the healing procedure. Most of us are aware of it, still, fail to follow. When you want your body to flush out the toxins and minimize the risk of complications, keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

Stay away from smoke and drinks

You have to cut off smoking and drinking for at least four to six before surgery so that they don’t delay the recovery afterward. During the surgery, many blood vessels are cut and wound healing may be compromised in the treated area. This sometimes causes a serious issue in smokers resulting in detrimental consequences.

When looking for tummy tuck surgery in Mexico, be sure to get the best consultation to seek more information on recovery procedure post tummy tuck surgery.

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