Synergies of printed and internet newspapers

Posted by basshopper on November 7th, 2019

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Newspapers have undergone various changes in recent years as a source of up-to-date information, news,

entertainment (sports, culture, etc.), commentaries, as well as various advertisements. The biggest change, apart from the appearance of newspapers, is their distribution. Newspapers are now available through many different distribution channels, including

- traditional printed newspapers
- classic internet newspapers
- e-newspapers (electronic version of the paper edition of newspapers)
- e-paper (newspapers published on electronic paper).

Each of these platforms has different advantages. In the case of paper newspapers, if we do not take as the biggest positive that they are a symbol of conservative and traditional values, it is their portability and low care and treatment. Internet newspapers, in turn, have the ability to instantly update information and news, and also offers various interactive features. E-newspapers or electronic editions of newspapers (a flipped paper edition available on the Internet) allow readers to look at any page of different editions. E-paper technology, in turn, as in the case of e-readers already available today, owns only one device into which one can download various newspapers and magazines.

Connecting these channels brings various benefits. In the case of publishers it is attracting more readers respectively. users and hence larger advertising orders. For advertisers, this link means increased advertising opportunities and more comprehensive consumer targeting.

Currently, printed newspapers are not the only way that a particular title and the news published there can reach the consumer. Today, newspapers are distributed across many different platforms. Recently, for example, reading news and news via mobile phone or the Internet has become common. Each of the distribution channels has its specifics and the resulting advantages and disadvantages.

Internet newspapers, in turn, are specific to the various interactive elements by which the reader can get to what he wants. Posting news and news on the Internet implies the ability to instantly update articles and texts that may contain the latest information. In addition, there is no deadline and the reports are delivered constantly. Another advantage is the fact that all documents that can be found on the Internet actually constitute one large database of electronic data, whatever their form of publication. This is crucial in that they can connect to each other, allow you to move to older messages, use the archive, get other related information, or even comments from other users. The disadvantage of internet newspapers is their connection to the machine, which can cause some problems. Be it a fact, that an online newspaper reader must have some (even basic) technical knowledge or the fact that each device is dependent on power supply.

The single purpose they serve will be to crack the news. They aren't feeding us news that's political connotations and so they are not biased toward whatever else. The Nigeria news you browse their web sites will be only for news motives.

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In addition to classic online newspapers (ie news published on the website), so-called e-newspapers can be found on the Internet. E-newspapers are electronic newspapers that correspond to the printed edition of newspapers with all articles, pictures and advertisements. Thus, the reader gets the e-newspaper in the graphical form as it is used to when buying it in a newsagent or shop. They can navigate through them using a search engine, save articles, or compile their own versions of newspapers based on the importance of the information of their choice.

In the near future, they should also become common e-papers. The electronic paper on which such newspapers will be distributed will have an appearance similar to normal paper and will behave similarly, so it will be possible, for example, to fold it and take it anywhere with you. E-paper in this case means portable film-like devices that allow the electronic reading of newspapers. E-paper technology is capable of displaying text and images.

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