How Can an Astrologer Help in Improving Our Family Dynamics?

Posted by Astroyogi on November 7th, 2019

In today’s world, family conflicts have grown very common. Father and son disagreeing over numerous issues, children not listening to parents, siblings fighting over petty matters - everything has turned out to be a daily affair. A clash of beliefs is what leads to these family conflicts. If the conflicts are not resolved timely, it may lead to bitter arguments and resentment.

Conflicts often occur when we do not respect the other person’s viewpoint and fail to understand his/her feelings. Astrology can help you find an answer to these ever-occurring conflicts. It is possible that these conflicts could be a result of some disturbing movements of the planets. You can now consult the best astrologers to sort out the conflicts of your family at the touch of a button.

Many people are not aware of the fact that the harmony of their family can be hampered due to the positions of the planets. If the planets like Rahu, Ketu and Saturn are placed in the wrong house, it could become very problematic and its impact on the individual would be very drastic. Astrology services are very useful in this regard, as they help you resolve your conflicts without any delay. 


Astrologers recommend many remedial practices that can help you end your family conflicts and lead a peaceful and healthy life. You can choose from a list of astrologers in Gurgaon and choose the one that best suits your demands. The astrologers will deeply study your problems and pin down the main issue like ego clashes, misunderstandings, jealousy, etc. and tell you the remedy accordingly. Please be assured that your family reputation will not be at stake because your information will remain confidential.


Some of the simple remedies suggested by the efficient astrologers are as follows:


Lower down your tone
Often in a conflict, we do not realize that our voice gets extremely high due to anger and that may arouse the other person to raise their voice as well. This may lead to further arguments and clashes and therefore, it is suggested that one must keep the voice down while discussing family matters.

Do not mix your professional and personal life
We often bring the problems of our offices or the losses of our business at home. A family is very sensitive and your family members are not to be accused of the issues at your professional front. You can always discuss things with your family but blaming anyone for your problems is never a good option.

Reduce the negativity of your home
If you regularly face the issues of misunderstandings, jealousy, sibling rivalries, etc. at your home, then you must try to reduce the negativity by playing some soft and serene music to calm down the agitated family members. You may also put some sea salt dissolved in water in a bowl as it is said to absorb negativity.

Try meditation
Meditating for a couple of minutes can actually help in calming down your mind and rejuvenating your body. It will also reduce your stress levels so that you can handle the conflicts occurring in your family with a composed mind.

Chant mantras
Chant mantras like ‘Om Namah Shivay’ or the ‘Gayatri mantra’ in a loud and clear voice so that it reverberates through the house and brings a positive flow of energy in the house. In order to get the most effective mantra that would best work for you, please contact an astrology service in Gurgaon.

Clear the clutter
It is often said that cleanliness is next to Godliness and therefore, we may deduce that a place that is cluttered with unnecessary things would never be a place where God resides. Thus, one must keep their home clean in order to surround it with a positive flow of energy.

Offer sweets to the poor
One must offer sweets to the poor in order to spread the sweetness that would ultimately come back to his/her own house. Doing it on a Saturday would be very effective since it can also lead to the proper functioning of the planets.

These are a few remedies that can be exercised regularly in order to get rid of your family conflicts. For further resolutions, one may consult the best astrologers in gurgaon who are available 24X7 on astroyogi. They would assist you in the best possible manner and help you resolve your family issues and build up your family dynamics.

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