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Where to get realistic dinosaur suits?

Posted by mariaweb on November 7th, 2019

The realistic dinosaur suits have the ability to transform any event into an extreme success. These days, you already have seen a few realistic dinosaur costumes at the festivals, theme parks, shopping malls, fairs and birthday parties. You may wonder how to plan for such parties? More specifically where to get these prehistoric Realistic Dinosaur Suits straight back from 60 million years? Will you buy one? Or maybe you want to hire from somewhere. Experts advise hiring a suit when you only have planned to organize a Jurassic theme party because you are not going to use them frequently.

Here, based on the location, we’ve gathered a few enlisted companies that provide realistic dinosaur costumes to hire.


If you are from the UK, this is the best choice for you. This is basically an entertainment company offering realistic dinosaur suits for rent in the South West area and Swansea. Depending on the customer’s requirements, they offer different types of realistic models of dinosaurs. Whether you want a large walking dinosaur costume or a smaller interactive puppet – everything you will get here.

At present, they have five dinosaur costumes including two large walking suits – one Tyrannosaurus Rex and the other is Spinosaurus. These realistic dinosaur costumes can be put on by an adult and they can walk, road, blink their eyes and move their heads and tails. The other three models include a baby Triceratops, a Velociraptor and a baby Brachiosaurus. These dino models are simply perfect to hire for school events. They also organize educational workshops to teach the children about dinosaurs and their lifestyles in an interesting and interactive way.

The Florida Dinosaur:

Are you from Florida or Georgia or North/South Carolina? Then looking for renting realistic dinosaur suits can be easier for you. The Florida Dinosaur company provides different types of realistic dinosaur costumes for events. A 12 feet tall Tyrannosaurus Rex costume they have for 5 years. Two puppeteers handle her and thus she is able to blink her eyes, open and close her mouth and produce a scary roaring sound while walking around. If you get her hired for your event, she definitely can attract a number of guests and people will line up to take selfies with her. Whatever the event is, whether it’s a fair, a festival, a corporate event or a private birthday party – you will get to hire a realistic dinosaur suit for sure.

Zivy dinosaur:

They have a 5 meters tall T-Rex costume to rent their customers. This is not a simple realistic suit. It’s an animatronic dinosaur that can walk around, open and close his mouth, produce an authentic roaring sound and can blink his eyes. If you hire him for your personal event, definitely, he will entertain them the most.

Meet Pete Dinosaur Hire:

Here, you will get to hire a 4-meter long baby T-Rex animatronic dinosaur. You will have your event more interesting along with him. One person can operate him and he can blink his eyes, open and close his mouth and can roar like a scary real T-Rex. Emitting smoke from his nose makes him more realistic and scary than anything. Sometimes, his eyes also get red. Both the adults and children get attracted to him. If you are planning for a Jurassic themed private party, theme wedding, school event, any corporate event and for conventions, this can be your perfect choice.


Hire Dinosaurus:

This company provides both the large and baby animatronic dinosaurs to hire for the events and parties. Among all them, the most popular one is a baby T-Rex which is based in the UK. This baby T-Rex is 8 feet tall, 17 feet long and 3 feet wide. He can move his head, blink his eyes, swing his tail from one side to another and also can open up his mouth to produce a realistic roaring sound. This is the first model that is created with real legs and the operator’s legs remain invisible unlike the most realistic dinosaur costumes and animatronic dinosaurs.

Choose among the Realistic Dinosaur suits to pick up the best one for you according to your requirements. It will turn your event into the most successful one. But make sure, you have sired from a renowned company.

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