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Posted by Maria Gallien on November 7th, 2019

It’s the right time to buy Best Air Purifier in India especially when the pollution levels are soaring high in the environment. Its not only if you are living in the city, the pollution is going to affect you but also if you are living in planes with less traffic, the dust mixed with chemical fertilisers is going to affect you. As its proven fact that indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air because of locked doors and windows and lack of free flowing “fresh” air in the house and lack of sunlight. We have seen many villagers facing seasonal allergies while the season changes. Farmers go through constant sneezing episodes whenever the grains pollens along with dust enter their nostrils and eventually in lungs.

Major population is already aware of city lifestyle and modern housing society. The closed doors and windows and indoor collection of upholstery in form of carpets, sofas and beds, certainly lead to accumulated dust, pollens, pet dander and mold. People have witnessed their lungs loosing 80% of the capacity due to Delhi pollution and if that was not enough, they have also witnessed asthma getting aggravated in Children and elders. In Mumbai alone people are being faced with allergies and asthma together. There are many cities including Kanpur, Patna, Lucknow, Bangalore, Kolkata on the A list as most polluted cities in India.

Vidairguides believes in educating people in buying right kind of air purifiers for their individual needs. Some people might need air purifiers according to their health needs like Asthma, allergy problems. While some people might need air purifiers to get rid of cigarette smoke and odor in the house. Some people might want to get rid of garbage odor, or outdoor drainage odor or fish odor in the house. Some people might want their baby or toddler to wake up without having stuffy nose in the morning. Some people might want their parents and grand parents to wake up without gasping for fresh air. Pregnant women may wish to do their yoga and breathing exercise in fresh air inside house, when its not possible to go out early in the morning. Also, some people would like to get rid if dust, pollution and mixture of fog with smoke inside the car, so might want to buy right kind of Car Air Purifier.

So VidAirGuides specialises in all the individual needs of people and focuses on giving them readymade solution based Best Air Purifier in India by short listing right kind of Air Purifier for them. All one has to do is visit and select the review or post that fulfils their need. You are also welcome to read our technology section to know what type of technologies are used in Air Purifiers. Everything is just right there. As its said, thou shall seek, thy shall receive. has all the listing of Best Air Purifier in India which have been comprehensively researched and reviewed to meet individual needs. Vidairguides lists Best Air Purifier in India for Smoke, Odor, Allergy, Asthma, Baby Room, Larger Spaces, Pet Dander and many more. Main vision is to provide healthy living inside the house where people spend most of the time.

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