Benefits of Gamification in E-Learning Programs

Posted by Sylvia on November 7th, 2019

Getting people motivated to do any task can be very challenging. One minute learners are excited about getting a deeper understanding of something, and the next minute, they want nothing to do with it.

This is what has inspired all industries to introduce gamification in their programs.

In this article, I will give you reasons why gamification in the e-learning industry has turned out to be such a huge success.

1. Fun Learning experience

Gamification allows individuals to stay interested in the learning process. When the engagement level is high, the students learn a lot and remember what they learned easily.

2. A Conducive Learning Environment

We learn 70% from real-life experiences, 10% from formal training, and 20% from feedback. Gamification allows all this to happen in one safe place. It, therefore, fastens the learning process and understanding of the student.

3. Instant Feedback

Waiting for results can reduce the enthusiasm for learning. Luckily, with gamification, students can follow the process and see what they did wrong. The instant feedback motivates them to keep learning until they get it right (win).

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4. Encouraging Behavioural Change 

The old traditional methods, (e.g., giving badges to learners, points, and leader boards), prompted the behavioral change in students.

However, this was temporary because it only lasted for the moment when they shined and were awarded.

The gamification can permanently change the behavioral change of a student through repetition.

Also, students have an equal chance too.

5. Multiple Learning Experience is Learned

A student of any sector needs to learn various skills besides the technical part of the journey. Through these programs, individuals can learn about compliance, communication skills, customer creation, and product sales.

Bottom Line

Gamification has helped multiple industries to motivate and encourage individuals to perform better. This is because it;

  • Challenges the learner
  • Entertains and engages them
  • Teaches them

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