Madden 20: EA Sports Attention to Franchise Players Problem

Posted by Cadencealida on November 8th, 2019

Last week, we reported an issue affecting CFM preservation. This process has been going on for almost 7 days and there is very little communication with EA. Recently, EA Sports Community Manager EA_KRAELO issued the following statement, full of hope. The premium Madden Coins vendor GameMS brings you more detailed information.

Although this annotation will certainly lack the estimated repair time (and humbly say they made a mistake), it does indicate a problem. It does show that EA thinks they know what's going wrong, which is usually half the battle.

From the survey, this seems to affect the save created before the first patch. This is the first year that Madden first made an “early release”. Every year, those who organize an organized league are eager to go, and only the most patient people can wait a few weeks to get the first consolidated patch. When a developer releases an unfinished game and then processes the issue in an early patch, there must be a theme in the game. In particular, when they find that a user reports a feature that is too large or too functional, it will be patched. Essentially, it can now be tested with paying customers.

Although this brings hope to the CFM player, the entire legend further highlights the gap between CFM and MUT players. The level of intersection between these modes seems to low. Franchisees want realism and despise MUT's arcade nature and need to repeat challenges and stupid big events. MUT players want to have fun, not the slow way CFM develops

But it's crucial that even if the game is purchased, the MUT player will still have to pay, and the CFM player only needs to pay once. This is the focus of EA, which makes sense from a business perspective. But both groups agreed that EA's communication and service levels need to be improved to avoid being selected as the worst company in the US. Once the CFM saves repair is complete, GameMS will broadcast it for you immediately, get more Madden information, Buy Madden Coins at a low price, you can follow us.

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